Call for Articles for the 14th China Fahui on

With the 14th annual China Fahui on fast approaching, article submissions from practitioners in mainland China are now being accepted. “You must first cultivate yourself well, only then can you fulfill your historic mission. Therefore, in the entire process of saving sentient beings and validating Dafa, you cannot neglect your own cultivation..." 

On the Promotion of “Anti-Eavesdropping” Cell Phones Among Practitioners

A few people have produced a model of so-called “anti-eavesdropping” cell phones and have heavily promoted them among practitioners in mainland China and overseas in the name of Master and a few main coordinators, and as an important project. Affected practitioners in some areas of mainland China have been asking the Minghui website for confirmation...

Vancouver: Falun Dafa Entry Shines in Caribbean Days Parade

Practitioners participated in the Caribbean Days Festival on July 29, 2017 and joined the Multicultural Street Parade in Vancouver Canada.

54 Falun Gong Practitioners Released in First Half of 2017

The prosecutions of 54 practitioners were dropped during the first half of this year by various legal agencies in China, including Procuratorates, courts, and police.

How My Niece Survived a Major Car Accident

A practitioner in China looks back at how one of her family members benefited greatly from belief in Dafa and discovered a new life.

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