(Minghui.org) On a beautiful day in October 2016 my second eldest niece got married. Seeing her so pretty, brimming with health and with such a happy smile on her face, my thoughts returned to six years before, when she was severely injured in a major car accident.

My niece graduated from a vocational school with a major in baking. She soon became the owner of several chain bakery shops as part of a franchise.

As a successful woman over 30 years old, she had not paid much attention to dating or to matchmakers. She had not been supportive of or against several of her aunts, including myself, practicing Dafa. When others attempted to talk to her about Dafa, she would claim, “I just believe in science not superstition. Money is the most real and powerful.”

It was almost the Chinese New Year of 2012 when a vehicle ran a red light and hit her as she was returning home late from a busy day at work. She was thrown into the air and landed on a concrete curb. She was knocked unconscious, with her skull cracked open. She was rushed to the emergency room.

My eldest niece, her older sister, rushed to the hospital and nearly fainted when she saw her sister’s devastating injuries and how her face was beyond recognition. The top of her skull was caved in, there was blood all over her head, she couldn’t move, and she displayed no signs of life.

Her sister begged the doctor to do whatever it took and no matter how much it cost to save her. The doctor said, “You think money can fix everything? Look at the extent of the injury to her head. Her chances of surviving are next to none.”

He continued, “Half of her skull was crushed, and there are countless bone fragments in her brain. She’s lost too much blood and brain tissue. Her pulse is extremely weak. Surgery would be extremely complicated. Many easier operations in the past have failed. Even if she survives the surgery itself, it is highly likely that the ensuing high fever and brain spasms would be fatal. Even if she survives all those surgical complications, there is still a good chance of becoming a vegetable and suffering severe memory and cognitive loss. Irregular brain spasms is a common problem, and there is no cure for that.”

Giving in to her sister's persistent pleas, the doctor agreed to operate and said, “All the odds are against her. But let's see what her destiny is and if the divine will lend a hand.”

Hearing that she was undergoing such a serious surgery, I pleaded for Master's help and told her older sister and other relatives to continually recite “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and that only Master and Dafa could save her.

The surgery lasted the whole night, until past 8 in the morning. The doctor said, “It is truly miraculous that she survived the operation. There must be some divine intervention.” Then he told the nurses to closely watch her vital signs and to keep an eye on all her monitoring devices.

My niece was in a deep coma, but I whispered in her ear, “This is your third aunt. Your true self must be clear that only the Master of Falun Dafa can save you from this dire situation after such a tragic accident. Please recite, 'Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Master will help you overcome the tribulation and achieve a full recovery.” My younger sister, who is also a practitioner, and I kept reiterating to her the same thing over and over every day.

Days passed and my niece remained in a deep coma. But all of her vital signs were normal, which amazed the doctors and nurses who knew about her case.

On the 29th day after her accident, my niece opened her eyes, fully conscious, as if she had just woken up from a long sleep. Her older brother, who happened to be by her bedside, asked her, “Sister, what do you remember from the past 29 days?” She said, “I heard my aunts talking to me about reciting the words, so I kept doing it until I woke up just now. I know it is Dafa’s Master who saved me.”

Her relatives were happily surprised, and all of her doctors and nurses were amazed. They thought my niece would be bedridden, in a vegetative state or paralyzed at the very least, for the rest of her life. They did not know that Master had granted her a new life.

When she was transferred to the general ward, she kept reciting the words and recovered quickly. Soon she was able to sit up and stand up. Then she could walk downstairs on her own to buy daily necessities. She initially struggled with speech, but later she could speak and express herself fluently. Her memory gradually returned, as well.

After returning home, she kept reciting, “Falun Dafa is good.” Soon, the last remaining side effect, brain spasms, completely disappeared.

She returned to work after a successful and full recovery. Her work skills were as good as before, which earned her recognition and praise. Before long she met a wonderful young man and they became engaged.

Falun Dafa gave her a new life and a bright future. It is Master who saved her life and gave her a happy marriage.

My niece's story is real life proof that believing in Dafa brings good fortune and blessings.