(Minghui.org) A few people have produced a model of so-called “anti-eavesdropping” cell phones and have heavily promoted them among practitioners in mainland China and overseas in the name of Master and a few main coordinators, and as an important project. Affected practitioners in some areas of mainland China have been asking the Minghui website for confirmation with the concern that while the persecution in mainland China is still ongoing, this matter would cause financial disarray and losses for practitioners inside and outside of China; it could also easily cause severe losses in the aspects of safety and cultivation. Meanwhile, those involved attempted to influence Minghui. Amid the confusion, the Minghui Editorial Board consulted Master on behalf of everyone. Master told us to tell Dafa disciples: First, what Master wants is not this type of cell phone; secondly, it is not allowed to promote them among practitioners (Dafa disciples).

We hereby give this open response to fellow practitioners who have been affected. Let us walk well and steadily together on the last of our path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

Minghui Editorial BoardAugust 2, 2017