(Minghui.org) I had symptoms of the flu and stomach problems a few days ago, which included a high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. I was very weak and had completely lost my appetite. I went to the bathroom about 20 times a day, and lost six pounds in weight. I felt especially nauseated when I looked at mangoes, which used to be my favorite food, but I had a strong aversion to them now. This aversion came from the bottom of my heart.

I happened to read the following paragraph while studying the Fa:

“So one day, or after I finish the class today, some people will experience this state: they can’t eat meat, and it smells bad to them, and if they eat it they’ll want to throw up. It’s not that you’re forced by somebody not to eat meat or that you hold back from eating it, it comes from within. When you reach that level your gong will take effect in a way that makes you unable to eat meat. You’ll throw up if you actually swallow it.” (The Seventh Talk from Zhuan Falun) (Translation Edition (Feb. 2003, North America))

The words “it comes from within” stood out, as if they were being magnified. Every word knocked on my heart. I have read Zhuan Falun many times, but didn't really pay this paragraph much attention. But it indeed happened this way. When I didn't want to eat the mango, the feeling definitely came from within. I had absolutely no appetite for it. It wasn't forced, and there wasn't any battle in my mind whether to eat the mango or not.

Why did Master (the founder of Falun Dafa) make these four words stand out for me? It dawned on me that Master was reminding me that the wish to cultivate myself should come from within.

A Strong Will

A student who wishes to study well from the bottom of his heart will be self-motivated, and willingly and proactively endure the hardship of learning. They will treasure their time, and diligently make progress. Without this strong will, a student wouldn't be able to achieve much no matter how well his/her teachers could teach, or how strict their parents are.

When a cultivator has a strong wish from within to cultivate in Falun Dafa, they respect Master and Dafa from the bottom of their heart, are willing to endure hardship as joy, and do their best in cultivation.

The passion comes from within, which is critical for a cultivator. It's Buddha nature, so it's able to shake the world in all directions and to invite the enlightened beings to help and protect them. Staying firm in this will is staying firm with righteous thoughts born from Buddha nature. It allows him/her to conquer demons' temptations, overcome obstacles, and reach consummation. A cultivator needs to stay firm on his/her righteous thoughts.

While studying the Fa, we can see the Buddha Law only if we sincerely want to cultivate ourselves. The true meaning of Buddha Law can only be revealed to true cultivators. While sending forth righteous thoughts, our divine power can only work well if we sincerely want to eliminate the old forces. While talking to people about Falun Dafa, we can touch their hearts only if we sincerely care about them in our own hearts. We can correct our wrongdoings only if we sincerely regret our mistakes. Without a sincere wish, any words would be superficial.

Falun Dafa practitioners had a sincere wish from the bottom of our hearts to follow Master and cultivate diligently when we started our cultivation. It's a righteous thought that we should hold on to. If anyone loses this righteous thought, they could be easily mislead by attachments and desires, wavering in their faith, and would probably end up farther and farther away from their cultivation path.

The reason we haven't done well sometimes is because we forgot our initial wish and lost our righteous thoughts. When Buddha nature is lost, only human notions are left. Our goals become worldly, not heavenly. A human body with human notions won't be able to endure much hardship, and won't have the divine power, much less will it be able to save other people.

Let's find our initial wish today, maintain our Buddha nature, and advance diligently in cultivation!