(Minghui.org) I am a 42-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who started practicing in 1996. During my first year in high school in 1990, I began to notice blood in my urine whenever I performed strenuous exercises. My anxious parents consulted a number of different hospitals, but none of the doctors were able to diagnose the cause.

Living with Kidney Stones

This went on until my sophomore year at the university in 1995, when we managed to consult a specialist working at a larger hospital. The specialist confirmed that I had kidney stones, which had grown so large that conventional treatment with oral medication was no longer possible.

The specialist offered us two treatment options. One option involved a surgical removal of the stones. Alternatively, doctors could do lithotripsy, which utilized externally applied high-intensity ultrasound waves to break up the stones in my kidneys, which could then be easily passed. Because of the higher risks involved with surgery, my parents opted for the non-invasive lithotripsy procedure. That summer, I spent my vacation having the expensive procedure at a distant city’s specialist hospital.

However, the treatment was only partially successful. Only a portion of my kidney stones naturally passed, while the remnants quickly began to multiply. Doctors conducted further exhaustive tests before finally concluding that I had a condition that favored the production of calcium oxalate kidney stones. There was no treatment that could effectively solve the problem.

With few options left, my doctors recommended a Chinese herbal remedy, which could slow down the growth of my kidney stones, and I incorporated the boiling of these medicinal herbs into my daily university routine.

During this time, I found myself becoming weaker and weaker. The ultrasound waves used during my lithotripsy treatment might have damaged my kidney tissues. Walking left me exhausted and I suffered badly from insomnia. The lack of energy left me unable to focus on my studies and my grades began to suffer.

My Encounters with False Qigong and Contemplation of Life

In a bid to find a cure, I started practicing and searching out various qigong masters. However, I saw no results despite spending a considerable amount of money for these qigong treatments.

I once encountered a qigong master who confidently guaranteed that he could cure my condition. I underwent his treatment and paid his three hundred yuan fee. However, my subsequent check up at the hospital showed that the stones remained intact. I took a copy of the diagnostic film and went to seek an explanation from the qigong master, who angrily replied, “The hospital got it wrong! The stones are absolutely gone! I will not refund a penny!” I was shocked to hear his outrageous claims.

While seeking such alternative treatments, I began to wonder about the meaning of life. In my quest for an answer, I read many books and attended lectures conducted by expert scholars. Nobody was able to provide me with a convincing answer. Adrift and helpless, I began to fall into depression.

The Turning Point

In my third year of university, a temporary visiting student joined our class. Quiet and refined, she mostly kept to herself. One day, however, I overheard from my fellow classmates that she practiced qigong. This piqued my interest and I sought her out after class to ask if she was practicing qigong. She replied in the affirmative and I then asked, “What kind of qigong?” She replied, “Falun Gong”. I felt inexplicably shaken to the core by her answer. I immediately asked, “I want to learn. Can you teach me?” My classmate gave me directions to the exercise site and told me to come that night. I casually asked, “How much are the fees to learn Falun Gong?” She smiled lightly and replied, “There are no fees.” I was astonished to hear her answer.

I visited the practice site that night and found roughly twenty people from different ages and professions practicing at that site. Although I was a complete stranger, these practitioners treated me kindly and they patiently taught me the exercise movements. One elderly uncle even lent me his sitting mat and taught me how to meditate.

Impressed by their selfless actions, I continued to participate in their nightly exercise practices. After ten days, I experienced a persistent wave of coolness washing over my kidneys and sought an explanation from fellow practitioners. They asked if I suffered from any kidney diseases, as this was a sign that Master was curing my illness. Slightly skeptical, I visited the hospital the following day for a checkup and was elated when doctors confirmed from scans that my kidney stones had vanished!

That night, I excitedly told fellow practitioners about my miraculous recovery. “I did not undergo any surgery, nor did I see the stones expelled from my body. How were they released?” A physics student told me that Master had removed the stones through actions undertaken in another dimension. On seeing my confusion, he advised me to read Zhuan Falun in detail, from start to end, and told me, “The answer will be clear.”

I found all my answers, regarding the true meaning of life, through reading Zhuan Falun. I learned about our origins, the reason for our existence, and the goals we should strive to achieve while living in this human world. Dafa gave me health, optimism, happiness, and wisdom, which helped me to graduate from the university with the highest honors.