(Minghui.org) Master gave me a second life after I began practicing Falun Dafa in April 1995. I had suffered from a hereditary form of arthritis that was incurable and would have resulted in my being in a vegetative state.

After two months of practicing Falun Dafa, I had recovered from all my illnesses. I became happy and broad minded, and my moral values also improved. I shared my cultivation experiences with my family members, relatives, friends, coworkers, and former classmates, and used my personal experiences to explain the wonders of the practice. Over a dozen of my relatives subsequently became Dafa practitioners.

Truth-clarification Efforts

In the early days of the persecution, I was fearful when distributing Dafa materials. Every time I went out to do so, my heart pounded, and my hands trembled for a long time. However, with Master's help, I gradually eliminated the fear.

I am now involved in face-to-face truth clarification during the day instead of distributing the materials at night. I no longer worry that someone will report me to the police.

After steady Fa study, I came to understand many Fa principles, which helped me maintain strong righteous thoughts. I distribute dozens of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party books and dozens of truth clarifying discs every day, and I have helped many people quit that Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

I explain the facts to vendors, taxi drivers, and taxi passengers. I also talk about Dafa to students, relatives, friends, construction workers, and anyone else I come across. I go to villages and help the villagers understand Dafa and the viciousness of the persecution.

When an elderly practitioner and I went to a village one time, we saw three people trying to start a motor bike, but to no avail. I talked to them while the other practitioner sent righteous thoughts. They listened to us, realized that Dafa was good, and then quit the CCP and its youth organizations. The motorbike started afterwards.

In another village, I saw a middle-aged man pushing his motor bike. I talked to him about Dafa and the persecution. He quit the Communist Youth League. He said that he could not start his bike. I asked him to try again, and it did start. He understood that he benefited from having good thoughts about Dafa and quitting the Youth League.

Believing in Master and the Fa

When another practitioner and I met a person who did not want to listen to anything about Dafa and cursed at us, I kept talking to him while the other practitioner sent righteous thoughts. This person calmed down down, started to listen, and in the end quit the CCP.

Some people claimed that we were engaged in politics. We did not argue with them, but kindly told them that we were not interested in politics. However, we told them that we could foresee the danger they would face if they were still Party members when the CCP loses its power. They withdrew from the Party and thanked us for being persistent in our efforts.

After some time I realized that men listened to me, accepted the Dafa materials, and quit the CCP, while women did not. So, I decided to just let women be and not talk to them.

When I was handing out software to students that enabled them to break through the CCP’s Internet censorship, a woman stopped and asked what I was giving out. I explained, and she took the software and some Dafa brochures. That was the end of my differentiating between men and women.

Through the years of truth clarification I learned that I must believe in Master and the Fa, study the Fa well, let the Fa direct my actions, and send forth righteous thoughts.