(Minghui.org) I have long been wanting to write and thank practitioners working at Minghui Radio. Your audio programs have been a great help to many practitioners and other people.

My mother is blind. In the past, we had to print out Minghui Weekly, a publication with selected practitioner sharing and reports on the Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, and then read them to her. It consumed a lot of time.

Minghui Radio gave us a great relief! It provides an audio version of Minghui Weekly on Tuesday, a few days after it is published. It also offers cultivation stories and experience sharing.

I download these programs for my mother and other practitioners. Many of them listen while doing housework or on the way to work.

My mother likes “Recalling Master's Grace” the most.

In one story, a practitioner recounted accompanying Master to Mount Emei and Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu.

Master said,

“I may look relaxed, but in fact I am shouldering tremendous karma for practitioners. I have to resolve numerous historical conflicts and debts of yours. It feels like three large mountains sitting on me. It is hard for me to take each step. But if I didn't shoulder the karma for practitioners, none of you would be able to practice.” (“Dalian Practitioner Recounts Precious Days Spent With Master (Part 3)”)

Mother listens to Minghui Radio every day and is often moved to tears. She tells some of the touching stories to our family. She also tells those stories to strangers to help them understand Falun Dafa and the vicious persecution by the Communist Party. She looks for her own gaps using other stories as a reference point.

Minghui Radio has helped her and other practitioners greatly with doing the three things.