1,843 Falun Gong Practitioners in China Arrested or Harassed in April 2017

There was a significant increase in harassment cases since March. Police forces nationwide were ordered to check on practitioners to “ensure social stability” surrounding the dates of two high-level political conferences. Other causes of arrest and harassment included the authorities' "knocking on doors" campaign and retaliation against practitioners who filed criminal complaints against former Chinese Communist Party chief Jiang Zemin.

New York: “You Are a Courageous Group of People”

Practitioners introduced Falun Gong and raised awareness about the persecution to people in the Chinese community of Brooklyn, New York on June 25. After an exercise demonstration, banners and information were displayed, and many Chinese people took the opportunity to learn the facts and sever ties with the Chinese Communist Party and its crimes committed during the past eighteen years of persecution.

China's Human Rights Abusers May Face Sanctions When Entering U.S.

The U.S. Congress passed legislation last December to provide the president the ability to impose entry and property sanctions against individuals responsible for human rights abuses and corruption. In a letter to certain congressional committee chairs, President Trump outlined his administration’s “commitment to its robust and thorough enforcement.” It follows that the law can be applied to those responsible for carrying out the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Chinese Tourists in Paris Learn About Falun Gong and Quit the Communist Party

With the arrival of summer, busy tourist sites are seeing more Falun Gong practitioners raising awareness of the persecution of the meditation discipline in China. Some tourists even mentioned that talking to practitioners and quitting the Chinese Communist Party were the highlights of their trips.

Establishing a Good Reputation in My Shop

Instead of being dishonest and making quick money, a conscientious business owner made sure her business practices were upright and her clients had the best service and products.

A Teacher Learns to Be Compassionate in All Situations

A teacher encounters many opportunities to practice the Falun Dafa principles, earning the respect of her students. After she was arrested for her faith, her coworkers supported her and helped to get her released.

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