(Minghui.org) I am Zhang Shuqin from Tianjin City. I practiced Falun Dafa in the past but stopped when the Communist Party started its persecution of Dafa in 1999. I resumed practicing last year. My family have been blessed by miracles as a result.

Police in our region treated Dafa practitioners fiercely. The first time a police officer came to my home and asked me if I still practiced Dafa, I answered, “Sure! Let me tell you why. It's because of my grandson.”

I told him about how my two-year-old grandson experienced pain in his eye in September 2016. The first doctor we saw couldn't stop the pain. A few days later, his eye started rising up. Tianjin Eye Hospital diagnosed it as glaucoma and said he had already lost his vision.

My son was shocked. He asked if it could be cured. The doctor said no. He also said my grandson needed surgery. My whole family started crying.

We went to Beijing four times and found the most famous eye doctor. He operated on my grandson and confirmed the diagnosis. The eye was blind. Surgery would keep it from rising up, but it was not guaranteed. When my grandson turned 17, he could have surgery to replace the eyeball with an artificial one.

Two weeks later, my grandson's eyeball started rising up again. He cried out of pain.

We didn't know what to do. He could not have surgery every two weeks. Also, the financial cost would be enormous. My whole family cried out of desperation.

Then, my husband said to me, “Maybe you should start practicing Falun Dafa. A miracle might come from Dafa.”

I accepted his suggestion. My family repeated the words, “Falun Dafa is good.” Even my nine-year old granddaughter and the two-year old grandson did it. After a few days, his eyeball lowered a bit. We had more confidence!

We chanted the words every day. The miracle happened in less than twenty days—my grandson could see in that eye again. I wanted to shout to the whole world, “Falun Dafa is good!”

“For such a wonderful exercise, can I not practice it?” I said to the police officer. “Could medicine do this?”

“If you think it is good, then do it at home,” he said before leaving, implying that I should not talk to people or give out fliers about Dafa or the persecution.

My Son’s Experience

In May this year, that officer and three others came to my home again.

“Please stop coming here,” I said to them. “You are harassing me.”

“We are tasked to do this. We can't report to our boss if we don't come.”

Then, I told my grandson's story to the other three officers.

“Not only did Dafa give my grandson his eyesight back last year, it also saved my son this May,” I said. I told them another story.

My son drove a food cart to sell breakfast in the morning. He had the green light at the main intersection of our village. While he was passing through, a big truck came from the other direction and rammed into him at full speed.

My son flew out of the cart and landed on the median. The cooking equipment fell all over the road. The rear part of the cart was smashed, but the driver's section was in good shape. If the cart had been crushed against the median wall and flipped over, it could have been devastating.

People said my son was lucky. Six people have died at that intersection in the past. My son was the only person who survived a car accident there.

My son said, “My life was protected by the master of Falun Dafa. See what I wear?” He would show people a charm with words about Dafa inscribed on it.

I told the officers, “In less than year, the master of Dafa saved my son's life and gave my grandson a good eye. That was a blessing to my whole family. Now, you tell me whether Falun Dafa is good. Why shouldn't I practice it?”

The officers were all quiet. A female officer even had tears in her eyes.

One of them said, “We were here to persuade you [not to practice Falun Dafa], but you made us speechless.”

“What I told you is the truth,” I said. “Let me tell you a very important thing: Your family may also run into disasters. When that happens, repeat, 'Falun Dafa is good!' You should also protect Dafa practitioners. They are good people.”

They smiled and left.