(Minghui.org) I used to have a bad temper. I struggled with the pressures of my job and taking care of my young child and my health deteriorated. The problems seemed countless: thyroid tumor, appendicitis, heart disease and gallstones. Back then, I was often hospitalized and had to use all my earnings to pay for the treatment.

Two years after my gallbladder was removed, my body began to ache again. Knowing that I was out of sick leave, I was sometimes in tears because of the pain and stress. One day my manager asked me, “Are you all right?”

“Not really,” I replied. “My back hurts.”

“I remember you had your gallbladder removed. Where does it hurt now?” she asked.

“The doctor said it might be a gallstone in the common bile duct,” I said.

Following her advice, I went to see the doctor again and was hospitalized for another 40 days. The doctor prescribed me many medications, but they had no effect and the pain continued day and night.

The doctor and my husband did not tell me what illness I had. But I knew that the patients around me all had cancer. Since the pain was so intense, I became dependent on pain killers during the day and injections at night. My face turned yellow and it was difficult for me to move my limbs. Normal people have white blood cell counts around 4,000 to 10,000, while mine dropped to 2,400. Although I was only in my 40s, my hair turned gray and I needed help walking.

My husband was very worried and contacted a specialist who diagnosed me with pancreatic cancer. “She is very sick, you have to get special treatment right away,” said the specialist. He then recommended his friend, one of the best doctors in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

When I returned to my room, I was in despair, “At this late stage, is there any hope for me to be cured?” My husband suggested we go back home to prepare for the trip to Harbin. But I did not agree to the trip: with such poor health, I may not have made it. It would also cost our family a lot of money.

So I stayed in the hospital. Usually I received one injection of pain killer medication so I could go to sleep. But that day even two injections did not help; it was still painful. My husband asked the nurse if she could give me one more injection, “Sorry, I cannot; it would be too toxic,” replied the nurse.

The nurse stayed with us and chatted for a while. I began to feel comfortable, better than ever. When she was about to leave, I begged her, “Please do not leave me. I will not feel the pain as long as you are here.” I then offered her some fruit and snacks, hoping she would stay.

Surprised by my reaction, the nurse paused for a while and then said to me, “Wait here and I will bring you something.” I didn't really believe her, but I let her go. She left and and then came back after a while. Holding a book in her hands, she came to me and said, “If you can do this, you will not be in pain anymore.”

I opened the book and saw the title, Zhuan Falun. I read a few pages and fell asleep while holding the book. That night, I did not feel any pain.

More changes came after that. The pain was gone and I did not need surgery. My husband did not believe it and a scheduled another visit. The doctors checked me again and again, but they did not find anything.

It became clear that Falun Dafa had really saved me.

I continued to study and practice, and it benefited more than my physical health; it also raised my xinxing.

After learning the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I tried to apply them in my daily life. My father and child were happy with the positive changes they saw in me. I also stopped arguing with people like I used to in the past.

My neighbors and friends were also glad to hear about my recovery. When I talk with people, they are often surprised to hear that I am 65 years old, saying, “Really? How come you look so young and healthy?”

“Give Falun Dafa a try and you will experience a miracle, too,” I reply. In my heart, I do wish more people can have a happy life like me.