(Minghui.org) I was born in an intellectual family. I received a good education, and landed a decent job. I met my boyfriend and we eventually got married. When our child was born, I quit my job and finally realized my dream: staying home to take care of my husband and kids.

My husband was promoted steadily and our life became better and better. My younger sister admired our happy family. She said that we had everything but a rocket.

I formally started practicing Falun Dafa in autumn of 1996. I had obtained the book Zhuan Falun earlier, but for whatever reason, I did not finish it then. Once I read the whole book, I realized what a treasure it was.

Less than one month later, my husband got a phone call from his boss overseas. He was appointed to work in Beijing, which was an amazing opportunity.

Our family moved to Beijing and we started our new life. Although we were far away from my friends and relatives, we made more friends in Beijing, including a lot of practitioners. Although they worked at different ministries and commissions under the State Council, they were still easy to get along with.

But on July 20 of 1999, my happy family life fell apart. I was “invited” to a police station that morning. Many officers took turns questioning me, such as “What would you do if some strangers tried to grab your bag? ” and “Why do you practice Falun Gong?”

I was illegally arrested, so my relatives came to Beijing to look after my child. This was the first time they ever flew. They were worried for my life. Once my father was at Tiananmen Square with my sister and wanted to take a rest. He said, “Thanks to your sister, we cannot even sit down here.”

In the midst of the terrible persecution, I learned not to treat having a happy family life as my goal. As a practitioner, I know my mission is to save sentient beings. Although my family was torn apart by the CCP, my sense of joy and purpose remains. Sometimes, my younger sister encouraged me to buy some pretty clothes or some delicious foods. However, she knows very well that I spend all my money to purchase supplies and materials for clarifying the truth.

At birth we bring nothing, and at death we take away nothing. The treasures of a practitioner cannot be bought with money.