(Minghui.org) As a teacher at a vocational school, I follow the standards of Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance, treat students kindly, and get along well with them.

Because I used to talk to the students about Falun Dafa in class, I was reported by some parents whose minds had been poisoned by the government propaganda that defamed Falun Dafa. I realized I should be more careful about what I said to my students.

I started by introducing traditional Chinese culture in the form of historical stories to educate them. I then taught more recent history to expose the corruption of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After laying a foundation, I gradually explained the facts about Dafa to them. After class, I looked for any opportunities to help the students withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations.

Dealing with Conflicts

Some high school students have recently transferred to vocational schools, given this helps getting admitted to college. Two such students from wealthy families transferred to our finance and accounting department last year.

One of them, Sun, is the grandson of a former Secretary of Justice. Both students did not pay attention to studying. They liked to talk, sleep, played tricks on classmates, and told me how they had made trouble for teachers in middle school.

At first, I was often angry at them because they disrupted the class. After they learned that I practice Falun Dafa, they made comments to irritate me.

One asked me in class about the movement of withdrawing from the CCP. I knew that they were not sincere, but I took the opportunity to thoroughly explain it to all the students in the class. Sun recorded my explanation on his cell phone, and his parent brought the recording to the principal.

Feeling embarrassed, the principal came to me. He had been worried about me for many years. Moreover, he did not yet clearly know the facts about Falun Dafa because I had not explained them well to him.

Many teachers knew about this incident. At first, I felt resentment towards the lead teacher of this class for not disciplining the students well. I no longer wanted to give lectures in this class. However, I later realized that these thoughts were wrong.

When I encounter conflicts, I should look inward to find the cause and treat everyone kindly. Although both students showed no remorse at all and continued to be provocative in class, I treated them nicely as usual.

I administered the final exam for Sun's class. After the exam, when Sun saw me in the hallway, he waved his cellular phone in front of several students, and said, “Teacher, I may fail the test, there is something on my phone…” Obviously, he was trying to threaten me. I replied in a joking way, “If so, you will definitely fail.”

Both Sun and his friend did poorly on the final exam and were the only two students who failed my class. I let them know that their exam scores were so low that even if I gave them full credit in other areas, they would still fail. Although they complained, they became less arrogant than before.

Even though Sun paid little attention to studying, I continued to encourage him to study. His mother was very concerned about his grades. She once came to school. I gave her some printouts of study tips and taught her how to help her son study.

Detained for Suing Jiang Zemin

I prepared my criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa, and mailed it to China's Supreme Peoples Court. The complaint was returned to the local government agencies.

The local domestic security captain and more than 10 policemen arrested me and I was detained for 20 days. The school supervisor visited the domestic security division twice and went to the detention center to bail me out.

The domestic security officer demanded I write a guarantee statement, denouncing my faith so they could let me go, but I refused.

The director of the detention center told me that Sun’s parent called him and spoke highly of me. They visited the detention center. When the school supervisor and teachers came to see me, a colleague told me that Sun missed me very much.

The local Dafa practitioners sent letters explaining the facts about Falun Dafa to more than 100 teachers in my department. The practitioners also followed up with phone calls and helped more than 10 teachers withdraw from the CCP. The effect of the group's cooperation was tremendous.

Letting Go of Attachments

The lead teacher where I work provided me with a lot of cultivation opportunities over the years. She is older than I, very crafty, but teaches well. As a lead teacher, she has the authority to assign courses. In general, I accepted whatever she assigned to me.

When a teacher refused to take an unpopular assignment she transferred it to me. I found that an unpopular course was a good opportunity to talk to students about Falun Dafa, so it turned out to be a good thing.

A few years ago, our county finance bureau arranged to hold a training class at my school for accounting certification exams. Three teachers were assigned to give the lectures, including the lead teacher and myself. When the training ended, the lead teacher invited another teacher to start a private training class outside of school, and they made a lot of money doing this.

I felt unbalanced when I heard the news. After looking inward, I realized I had some attachment to gain and jealousy. Gradually I was able to get rid of these attachments.

The lead teacher and I mentored students for the accounting certification exams. This assignment required a lot of time and effort, and the lead teacher complained to the principal, blaming me for all the work. However, nearly 20 students passed and obtained their certifications. Everyone then praised the lead teacher for the great results. She then no longer mentioned my name.

I realized that this was a good cultivation experience, as I could get rid of my attachment to fame and recognition.

The lead teacher helped me a lot when I was arrested twice. She accompanied the principal to the detention center and tried to bail me out.

When we have compassion for people, they treat us kindly as well.