(Minghui.org) I am new to Falun Dafa, having started to practice it just two years ago. But even before I started the practice, Master saved my life three times.

My wife is a practitioner. I saw her change after she started to practice Dafa. She was kinder, healthier, more tolerant of others, and more respectful of her elders. So I knew that Dafa was good. Sometimes, I even read Zhuan Falun with her. But I never thought about practicing it because I was very busy with my business.

I work in advertising. Two years ago, my brother and I went to install a big billboard on a roof about 13 feet high. I was on the roof and my brother was on the ground. A gust of wind came up, and the big advertisement board started to blow away. I caught it. But just then, a bigger gust of wind blew me and the board off the roof.

My mind went blank. When I came to, I found myself on the cement. I remembered that my wife told me that reciting “Falun Dafa is good” could save people in dangerous situations. So I closed my eyes and kept repeating the phrase. I was not in any pain.

But when my brother helped me up, I discovered that my right leg couldn’t bear any weight. I knew it was broken, but I did not want to go to the hospital. I remembered Master's words, “your practice will benefit others.” (Zhuan Falun) I believed that I would be fine.

After I got home, I was unable to stand up. I listened to Master's lectures and read Zhuan Falun at times. I got better and better. Then I could walk. My wife taught me the five exercises. About two weeks later, I was completely recovered. I personally experienced the miracle of Dafa.

Last summer while working in a pasture, I parked my car near a ditch. The ditch was about 20 feet deep and filled with four feet of water. When I got ready to leave, there were flies in the car. They distracted me so much that the car slid down into the ditch, knocking into several trees. I slammed on the brakes and the car finally stopped. I had to call for help to get the car and me out of there.

A few days later when I took my car to the repair shop, I was thrilled to discover 13 udumbara flowers on the right rear of the car. Udumbara flowers symbolize the Holy Law-Wheel King coming to the human world to save people. I realized that Master had saved me again when I was headed for the ditch.

I was so lucky to have udumbara flowers on my car, which indicated my great predestined relationship with the Buddha Fa. After that, I began to call myself a practitioner. But I was not very diligent even though I studied the Fa and did the exercises.

I still had sickness karma. I was short of breath and had no energy. I had edema, too. I was unable to bear it and went to the hospital. But the doctor couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. Later, I had trouble breathing again. I felt like my life was on the line so I cried, “Master, help me” a few times in my heart. A few seconds later, I was able to breathe normally. Master saved me again.

I will show my gratitude to Master by cultivating diligently. I will treasure this opportunity.