Greetings to the Dafa Disciples Attending the Fa Conference of Europe

The self-cultivation that Dafa disciples do is not merely for their own spiritual perfection, but also to help me save all lives. You have a mission to fulfill, and that is why you had the opportunity to become disciples of Dafa.
(Translation by Team Yellow)

To Dafa Disciples Attending the Europe Fa Conference: Greetings!

Dafa disciples’ cultivation is not just for the sake of personal consummation. It’s for assisting Master in saving sentient beings, it’s because you came with a mission. This is the reason you were able to become Dafa disciples.
(Translation by Team Blue)

Australia: Rally Held in Parramatta to Oppose Persecution and Forced Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong in China

Government officials, community leaders and Falun Gong practitioners contrasted the Chinese Communist Party's violence with Falun Gong's peaceful teachings. “These principles, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, clearly demonstrate values that all of us should embrace,” said a local resident.

Parents Stand Up for a Beloved Teacher, Shielding Her from Persecution for Her Faith

"The village officials told the township government the reactions from the villagers about me. They also told them how outstanding my performance was at the school. They demanded the township officials not do anything to me, or the villagers wouldn’t accept it. In the end, the township officials dismissed their plan to send me to the brainwashing center. I took the opportunity to explain to more parents and teachers about Falun Dafa and the persecution."

London, UK: European Practitioners Hold Parade to Draw Attention to Persecution

Spectators from around the world expressed support for Falun Gong. One bystander remarked, "I believe that we can learn a lot from Falun Gong practitioners about faith, true goodness, and rational tolerance."

India: Introducing Falun Gong at Bangalore Independence Day Flower Show

The annual Independence Day Flower Show drew nearly one million people to the Lalbagh Botanical Garden over the course of the week-long event. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands: In-depth Reports on Falun Gong on Major Public TV Station

AT5 News broadcast a program on Falun Gong, focusing on local practitioners in Amsterdam. The story included accounts from practitioners who experienced persecution in China. 

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