(Minghui.org) I am a teacher whose entire family practices Falun Dafa. In this article I would like to focus on my daughter's cultivation path.

Disaster Shows the Strength of a Practitioner

When my daughter had been married for six months, and she was three months pregnant, her husband died suddenly. It was devastating news. However, I witnessed my daughter facing the most agonizing pain and tribulation, and I was deeply impressed by her strength.

Her words and deeds greatly moved me. I am so grateful to Master, and to Falun Dafa, who transformed my daughter into a calm, strong, considerate, and kindhearted human being. After the funeral, my daughter called her in-laws. She thought it had to be harder for them, as they'd lost their only son. She felt that they needed additional encouragement and consolation. She asked her in-laws, “How are you? Even though you lost your son, you still have me. Nothing can break our family, we will still carry on.”

With tears running down my face, my heart ached for my daughter. She was so young and had to endure so much pain in life already. I felt reassured that the compassion she cultivated through Dafa was helping her transcend her grief and loss.

Abiding by the Principles of the Fa

Many relatives and friends who love my daughter visited, called her, and also gave her much advice. Some suggested, “You are still young, you need to have a partner who supports and cares for you. Your unborn baby will be a burden to you in the future. You need to make a choice, if you are willing to abort the baby.”

Those who read Falun Dafa books know that suicide, murder, and abortion are all killing lives. It is something a Dafa practitioner absolutely cannot do. My daughter replied, “The baby is mine. I asked Master to help me keep my baby when I had signs of miscarriage. I will keep my baby.” She was calm, firm, and resolute. She said, “No matter how difficult it might be, I will not let my in-laws lose anyone anymore. I will keep the baby.”

One day, my daughter came back from her in-laws. She told me that they were short of money given the funeral expenses, so she gave them the savings that she and her husband had just established. It contained 90,000 yuan. She looked at me and said, “I am fortunate. I have Master, Dafa, and I have my baby.”

I was deeply impressed by her action. For someone who makes an hourly wage, that amount would take her a long time to save. Her concern for others was of greater importance – more than for her own self. I am so proud of her! Only a Falun Dafa practitioner can do that. I am full of hope for my daughter's future. Her in-laws were just as caring and loving. They gradually returned all the money to her account.

Strength Comes from the Fa

My daughter went back to work a few days after the funeral, and life went on. We reminded her to view things with righteous thoughts, and be mindful of her emotions. She treats her co-workers as usual, holds back her tears, and does a good job as normal. Others were impressed with her strength and maturity. She calmly faced the reality, picked up her life responsibly, and gave it her all.

She asked her friend for an estimate of the cost to raise a child, as she wanted to raise the money herself to take care of her baby, even though we all were committed to helping her. She began budgeting her expenses, and stopped taking a taxi to work despite bad weather, and she no longer eats out in restaurants. She tried her best to avoid crying in front of us, because she did not want us to worry about her. I often saw her sit in front of Master's picture to release her sorrow and seek consolation.

She continued riding her motorbike to and from work. I was a bit worried. She had a hard time tying her shoes. She kept on working until very close to the delivery date. We often read the Fa together, but she wanted to read by herself. I realized later that she was reading the Fa out loud and wanted her baby to be familiar with her voice.

My daughter delivered the baby in November 2017. There was another woman giving birth in the same area at the same time. She had her husband and her sister on either side of her. She was crying because of the pain. My daughter was pacing around her bed, breathing deeply, as it was obvious that the pain intensified, and she began sweating. She was so calm and strong. The other woman wondered how come she had so much less pain. I knew my daughter obtained her strength and endurance through Dafa.

Everything went smooth and fast, and it was time for delivery. When the doctor asked if she wanted anesthetic to ease the pain of the delivery, my daughter refused. It only took her one hour to deliver a healthy baby girl!

Now the baby is five months old, very healthy and very lovely. (Of course, I am not biased.) We are all very grateful for Master who sent her to us. [Editor's note: This article was written in April 2018.]

I could not imagine what would have happened if we did not cultivate in Dafa. Facing such loss, with so much pain, how depressed would we be? Thanks to Master, thanks to Dafa, we understand the predestined relationships, human lives, incarnations, and so on. It was Dafa that helped my daughter grow mature, and to be strong.

I hope that more people will learn the truth of Falun Dafa and see through the lies and propaganda spread by the communist regime. From the words and deeds of our daughter, you will come to understand that Falun Dafa is precious.