Greetings to the Dafa Disciples Attending the Fa Conference of Europe

The self-cultivation that Dafa disciples do is not merely for their own spiritual perfection, but also to help me save all lives. You have a mission to fulfill, and that is why you had the opportunity to become disciples of Dafa.

The human world is a deluding place, a dimension where you cannot see the universe or lives as they truly are. But for exactly this reason people are able to develop spiritually here. When a person cannot see things as they truly are, yet still believes in the divine; still resists the currents of this world and even transcends it; and still looks inward when experiencing friction or strife, difficulties, or injustice and makes a priority of virtuous thought and conduct on his part, then what he is doing is indeed developing spiritually. Any higher beings that witness this will find the person worthy of becoming divine. And doing this is what makes it possible for you to achieve spiritual perfection. You are beings of that caliber. And moreover, as Dafa disciples you are assisting me in saving lives while being subjected to persecution. Never before has any faith group or any spiritual adherent done something like this. Difficult as it may be, it is something that you have actually done. Those of you who haven’t done well so far should, with the time you still have, get going and do well what you should be doing before it’s over!

May your Fa conference be a success!

Your Teacher,

Hongzhi Li
August 31, 2019

(Translation by Team Yellow)