Call for Articles for the 14th China Fahui on

With the 14th annual China Fahui on fast approaching, article submissions from practitioners in mainland China are now being accepted. “You must first cultivate yourself well, only then can you fulfill your historic mission. Therefore, in the entire process of saving sentient beings and validating Dafa, you cannot neglect your own cultivation..." 

Constanța, Romania: Tourists Learn About Ancient Meditation in China

Residents and tourists were eager to learn more about Falun Dafa and spoke out against the ongoing persecution in China.

Changing My Attitude at Work

After an electrical engineer fell into the trap of thinking too highly of himself after receiving compliments, he realized that if he kept insisting on doing things his way, he would not improve. He looked inward, changed to become more humble, and learned to listen to the ideas of others.

Upright Behavior Shows Goodness of Dafa

Instead of taking her mother-in-law to a nursing home as her children had decided to do, a practitioner selflessly takes her home to care for her. Her actions changed the family’s attitude toward Falun Dafa.

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