Italy: Forced Organ Harvesting in China Draws Criticism at Organ Trafficking Summit

China's cover-up of its use of prisoners of conscience as non-consenting organ donors was brought to focus during the recent Summit on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism hosted by the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Science.

'No Rain Can Stop Them' – Falun Gong's Grand March in Brooklyn, NY

Despite the chilly wind and icy rain, Brooklyn residents watched as one thousand Falun Gong practitioners marched to display the goodness of the self-cultivation practice and raise awareness of its persecution in China. One spectator said, “I am so touched by them. On such a cold, rainy day, their steps are still so coordinated and their performances are still so outstanding.”

Three Korean Cities Experience Shen Yun's “Unlimited Creativity of Arts”

The New York-based classical Chinese dance company performed nine sold-out shows in three South Korean cities. Those in the audience included leaders of cultural and art institutions. One orchestra director said, “Today’s performance shook my heart.” A university president commented, “Shen Yun is not simply a show. It’s a performance that can make the audience enlighten to the philosophy of life.”

Shen Yun Warmly Welcomed by Elected Officials in Taiwan

As Shen Yun Performing Arts tours Taiwan, the acclaimed company has received an outpouring of congratulations and commendations from Taiwanese leaders, from city councilors up to the Premier.

Falun Gong Practitioner Falsely Charged and Sentenced

The Chinese authorities deny a Falun Gong practitioner legal counsel and due process in trying her in two different cases, two years apart, using the same falsified evidence.

Phoenix, Arizona: Visitors at Chinese New Year Festival Eager to Learn Falun Gong

Falun Gong was a big hit at the 2017 Chinese Culture and Cuisine Festival in Phoenix. 

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