(Minghui.org) I am a 68-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from China. I am most fortunate to have experienced the miraculous healing power of Dafa. I’d like to tell you my story.

Blindness Led to a Miserable Life

I had pink eye when I was in the third grade but my parents didn't think it was necessary to spend the money to see a doctor until my vision became much worse.

When it did, my mother panicked and took me to several doctors, but it was too late. I was diagnosed with cataracts and uveitis, a form of eye inflammation.

I sought treatment at many major hospitals in our province and in Beijing over the last few decades. I tried both Chinese medicine and Western medicine, spent a lot of money for treatments and medication, and traveled to many places seeking a cure, but nothing worked.

My vision continued to get worse. I fell into an uncovered sewer once, and also walked into the path of a car, all because I couldn't see.

Surgical implants work for many cataract sufferers, but because my vitreous body is not clear due to uveitis, the surgery failed to improve my vision. Eventually, I was certified as legally blind.

I went from hopeful to disappointed, and then to complete despair. I also suffered from insomnia. I took medications and supplements, and even tried physical therapy to help me sleep, but nothing worked. I had many wrinkles and a dark complexion because of my mental agony and lack of sleep.

When it rains it pours. I fell down one day and pulled my back. I could neither sit down from a standing position nor stand up from a sitting position. I was in so much pain that I screamed out loud. I had lumbar disc protrusion and bone spurs and was hospitalized for six months. The doctor told me to sleep on a hard bed and take ibuprofen for pain. I had acquired yet another ailment—the suffering just seemed endless.

My Eyesight Returns After Taking Up Falun Dafa

Just when I felt completely hopeless, a neighbor told me, “Many people practice Falun Dafa and have seen dramatic improvements in their health. Why don't you give it a try.” I shook my head, “I have lost all hope in curing my eyesight.” She urged me, “Just give it a try.” I reluctantly agreed.

I started practicing Falun Dafa. I let Dafa's principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance guide me and tried to become a better person. My body was continuously purified and cleansed.

Without spending a cent or taking one pill, many of my illnesses and pains disappeared. I experienced the wonderful feeling of having a light body with no ailments.

What truly surprised me was that after practicing Falun Dafa for six months, I regained my eyesight—I was able to see again. I was able to do all kinds of household chores and ride my bicycle day or night.

My left pupil is visibly dark due to a failed eye surgery in 1965. Experts told me that it would be impossible to cure my blindness. Specialists used all types of machines to run tests on me and were positive that both my eyes were beyond remediation. The experts were baffled as to how I was able to see—modern medical science cannot explain it.

My life has been changed completely—I was suddenly not stuck at a dead end anymore, but found myself walking down a golden path. The extraordinary Falun Dafa has renewed my life and made me a completely different person. Thank you Master and thank you Dafa!