(Minghui.org) In a report from New Tang Dynasty, I saw some overseas practitioners sitting in chairs in their New Year greetings photos to Master. I think this is inappropriate.

In traditional Chinese culture, a person always worships and respects heaven, earth, emperors, parents, and teachers. As matter of fact, the relationship between teacher and a student often resembles that of a parent and child. Dafa disciples know from the Fa that what Master has given us and sanctified for us is well beyond this. Master has indeed reshaped our lives and provided us unprecedented glory.

In the past, only the oldest and most respected sat in chairs when receiving greetings from young fellows. In fact, the young ones—regardless of their actual ages—always kowtowed to seniors to show their sincerity, and only peers would bow to each other as greetings. Nowadays many people discard these traditions, saying that we now live in a new era. In fact, this has occurred because the Communist Party has damaged traditional culture.

Even practitioners who live overseas should know and practice basic respect, at least for a teacher and Master. No matter what culture we are in, sitting in chairs in greetings photos is not appropriate, nor is the mentality and motivation behind that. This may seem trivial, but it is indeed a serious matter.

According to experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website, some practitioners who have their celestial eye open saw that divine beings were looking down upon those students who listened to Master's lecture with legs crossed. In fact, divine beings in other dimensions keel down as they listen to Fa lectures. Another example is in the audio Fa Lectures in Jinan, where Master talked about some students who were fanning themselves, and we know that this was improper.

These things happened over 20 years ago when practitioners were beginning to learn the Fa. Now, at this stage of Fa-rectification, we have no excuse for doing poorly with this. We should remain respectful when studying the Fa, and remain humble when sending greetings. I have seen in greetings from some regions, practitioners in the front row were kneeling down, while in other regions practitioners in the front row were sitting in meditation while those in the back rows were standing. All of these are better than sitting in a chair.

In greetings from mainland China, there were words in greetings indicating that practitioners from some areas “kowtow to Master.” As far as I know, practitioners from those areas actually did so before they wrote these words. Otherwise, practitioners would use other phrases to avoid confusion or deception.

Master may not pay attention to this, but as Dafa disciples we need to be clear on what we are doing. Otherwise, the old forces could take advantage of it.

Just my personal understandings. Thank you.