(Minghui.org) As Chinese New Year approaches, many Falun Dafa practitioners are reviewing the past year, and are expressing how very grateful they are for Falun Dafa and its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi.

Positive Attitude

Wang Yizhen, a business administrator at an IT firm, had questions about life since she was young, such as, “Where do we come from? What is the ultimate goal for our existence in this world?” Following her belief in Buddhism, she was active in charity activities, which made her feel a little better but did not resolve all of her questions.

Another manager in her company recommended her Falun Dafa to her about ten years ago, and gave her a copy of the main teachings, the book Zhuan Falun. The profound principles in this book cleared up her confusion, and experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website helped her understand that cultivation practice was indeed a precious opportunity.

Wang Yizhen, 36, says that Falun Dafa gives her a happy life.

Wang said that through the years she has felt the benefits and blessings from Falun Dafa. By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, both she and her daughter always understand each other very well and argue infrequently. The pregnancy of her second daughter was not smooth in the beginning. But after she asked Master for help, things went fine. Now both daughters are healthy and happy.

Wang feels that cultivation practice makes her life simple. She said, “I do my best at work and am always willing to help others. At home, I take good care of my family.” She said that Falun Dafa enables her to live a harmonious life and have a positive attitude towards the future.

Benefits for the Entire Family

Tu Tongyi is bookkeeper who used to suffer from numerous illnesses including prostate enlargement and frequent urination. With insomnia, bone spurs, and anal canal issues, he had to go to the hospital frequently. These problems ended after a friend told him about Falun Dafa five years ago and Tu began practicing. He recalled, “Both my physical health and mind nature improved dramatically. I wish I had known about Falun Dafa earlier.”

Because his wife has mental disorder and requires daily medication, Tu was often frustrated by the tense relationship. “Falun Dafa teaches me to think from others' perspectives. As a result, I became able to communicate better, and the arguments between us were reduced to a minimum.”

Tu is thankful for Master Li and Falun Dafa, saying, “It has brought many positive changes to me and makes my family a happier place than before.”

“These [Vulgar] Words Don't Belong to You”

He Zongning, 30, works as an assistant manager at an insurance company. Starting in high school, she followed her mother and grandfather in practicing Falun Dafa. She said, “With the criteria of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, it is not difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong.” As a result, she had fewer teenager problems than her peers, and she always displayed good manners wherever she went. Once when she ran into a group of girls who had dirty conversations, one of them said to her kindly, “These [vulgar] words do not belong to you.”

After graduating with good grades in school, Zongning found a job where she set up a new goal of being a good employee and coworker. She is very thankful to Master Li for providing guidance in her life, and said she will remain diligent in her cultivation practice.

A Brighter World

Billy, a flower arranging instructor, suffered for decades before she practiced Falun Dafa. She needed to take an inhaler with her whenever she went outside. Depression and family stress made things even worse. She tried more than cultivation methods, but none of them could solve her problems.

Billy saw Falun Dafa practitioners doing exercises in a park about six years ago. Out of curiosity, she gave it a try and realized that it was what she had been looking for. She recalled, “I was so happy, as if the grass and flowers around me were also smiling at me.”

Keen on reading books since childhood, Billy became a little worried in the beginning, saying, “These [Dafa] books are so good—what if I finish reading all of them and have nothing left?” She was later pleased to learn that the books were meant to be read over and over again, and that practitioners continually gain new understandings and insights during this process.

Billy said she was fortunate to come across Falun Dafa in her life, “I learned to be a better person who is considerate of others, and keep improving my mind nature. You cannot find something this good anywhere else—This is the best in the world.”