(Minghui.org) I have attempted multiple times to memorize Zhuan Falun, but was never persistent enough to be successful. Recently, I was encouraged by another practitioner's experience sharing article and decided to give it one more try.

I had a much more clear purpose in mind this time, which was to assimilate to and immerse myself in the Fa.

In order to eliminate interference from intruding thoughts, I repeatedly read, without memorizing the words, a daily quota. If my mind went astray, I would counteract it by repeatedly reading the same section, either aloud or silently.

I also realized that Fa memorizing, sending righteous thoughts, eliminating the interference, and truth clarification are closely linked.

Some interference appeared in the process of my memorizing the Fa, such as nightmares and insects invading my house. I knew it was the old forces' tactics to intimidate me and hold me back in my Fa study. Gradually, I was able to break through the interference and get rid of many attachments.

Sleepiness Demon

I used to feel tired and sometimes dozed off when reading the Fa. I could not stay focused and read even one chapter of Zhuan Falun at a time. After I started to memorize the Fa, I finally realized that the sleepiness was a form of interference. So, I stood when reading the Fa.

With time, I could focus better. I was able to join truth clarification efforts in high spirits and full of energy. I began to let go of my fear. I was even brave enough to remove the slanderous exhibit boards put up by the Chinese government.

Letting Go of Human Emotions

Our cultivation path is nearing the end. Whenever I thought about it, I felt a sense of urgency, as I still have not achieved my goal of memorizing the Fa completely.

“What a pity if my life falls short of its full purpose,” I thought. “Countless beings in the universe wish they could obtain the Fa, but they lack the predestined relationship.”

As I fully appreciated the value of the Fa, my great fortune in obtaining the Fa, and the accompanying responsibility, I thought that it would be a crime if I continued to hold onto human attachments. It was not beneficial at all for me to miss and worry about my children. To the contrary, it merely wasted precious time and pulled me into the mire of pointless apprehension, anxiety, and grief. Studying the Fa and memorizing the Fa were the real treasure.

With the Fa of the universe in my heart, nothing in this human world seemed beyond my ability.

Letting Go of Desire for Material Things

I am a shopaholic, as I am attached to vanity, and shopping also helped with my feeling lonely. It caused me to spend all my monthly income and I had a hard time making ends meet.

Even ordinary people understand that one cannot buy everything that one's heart desires. My mind was filled with what dress to buy, what pair of shoes would fit my style, or what kind of furniture would match a certain room at home. I came down with insomnia and could not stay focused in my daily work, much less Fa study.

After I started memorizing the Fa, I could let go of the attachment to shopping. As my xinxing was uplifted, I did not need to resort to ordinary people's reasoning to curb my desire. Instead, I simply no longer desired or even thought of buying material things.

Compassion for Others

My supervisor used to kiss up and kick down, and I was more often than not his target. He used to humiliate me in front of my peers.

Since I started memorizing the Fa, I could see his strengths and view him in a favorable light. His attitude toward me also improved a lot.

Since the beginning of this year, I feel that I have improved a lot in my cultivation. I can look inside, find my problems and correct them. My attachment to lust has weakened and many of my unpleasant relationships have turned for the better. Much of this improvement comes from my memorizing the Fa.

Master has been beside me and helped me improve on my cultivation path. I cannot let Master's efforts go in vain. I must strive to fulfill my mission.