Greetings to Master Li Hongzhi from Government and Military Officials in China

During the Moon Festival, a traditional holiday marked by joyful family reunions, many greetings were received by the Minghui website from practitioners who work in the government, military, and police and justice departments in China.

Practitioners from All Across China Wish Master Li a Happy Moon Festival

October 4 is the Mid-autumn Festival (or Moon Festival) in China, one of the biggest holidays of the year. At such times, Falun Dafa adherents have the tradition of sending holiday greetings to the practice's founder, Master Li Hongzhi. The greetings presented today come from Dafa practitioners in 30 of China's provinces and regions, and they reflect the tremendous gratitude they show to Master Li for the many benefits Dafa brings to their lives.

Paris, France: Over 1,300 Attend European Experience-Sharing Conference

Practitioners came from more than thirty countries to attend the conference, held at the Versailles Convention Center on October 1. Nineteen practitioners, from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Montenegro, Italy, Romania, and Latvia, shared the positive changes that Falun Dafa has brought them, and how they have improved themselves when encountering conflicts.

Authorities Claim Liaoning Woman’s Death to Be “Natural”

After a healthy woman dies in police custody under suspicious circumstances, the authorities claim that she died of natural causes, all the while denying the family access to her body.

Young Toronto Falun Gong Practitioners Send Appreciation to Master on Mid-Autumn Festival

Practitioners in their 20s gathered in front of Toronto's Queens Park to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and shared their personal stories to express their appreciation for Master and the practice of Falun Dafa.

Falun Gong Practitioners Invited to Participate in the Centennial Celebration of Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Practitioners from New York City and surrounding areas were a big part of the centennial celebration in Lyndhurst, NJ.

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