(Minghui.org) I am a 53-year-old housewife from a small village. As I awoke on the morning of December 28, 2012, I suddenly felt dizzy. Despite numerous trips to the hospital, the doctors could not find the cause of my illness.

I spent over 1,000 dollars in medical bills within a month, but my condition worsened. I could not do any farm or household chores and was housebound. So, I resorted to alternative treatments and even offered incense to divinities. It was as if I was on my death bed!

At the end of my rope, I thought of Falun Dafa. I had looked at fliers that detailed the benefits one could derive from this cultivation practice.

A Falun Dafa practitioner lived in my village. So I had a surveillance camera installed outside my house. Every day, I kept an eye on the camera hoping she would pass my house. I finally caught sight of her on July 9, 2015, and I shouted for her to come into my home.

The next day, she brought me a copy of Dafa's main book Zhuan Falun and taught me the exercises. Despite being weak, I could do one set of exercises. The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I could not hold it in my hand and propped it up on a pillow and could only read seven pages, but I persisted!

About eight days later, I threw away all the medication I was taking. Although I did not know what cultivation was exactly, I learned from the book that true practitioners will gain a healthy body. It then became clear to me that whenever I felt ill, this was actually a good thing. My physical condition kept improving.

I followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and learned to be considerate and to look within for attachments during times of conflict. Today, I am healthy and take care of all the chores at home and in the field. My family, and those around me have witnessed Dafa's miraculous powers.

Mission of Practitioners

Master said:

“You once signed a contract with me when you came to this world, vowing to save those sentient beings. You could then become a Dafa disciple, and you could then do this thing. But you did not fulfill it. You did not completely fulfill your vow, and you cannot even save those beings allotted to you, those you undertook to save, behind whom are countless sentient beings and gigantic groups of beings. What is that?! Is that simply just a matter of not cultivating diligently? That is an extremely serious crime! An unparalleled crime!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I was shaken after reading the above paragraph. It told me I did not return to good health just to lead a good life as an ordinary person, but to help people learn the facts about Dafa and the persecution.

My family members do not understand what I am doing, and I face a lot of pressure when I go out to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. I encounter people who make all sorts of comments and threats. But I regard myself as a Dafa practitioner and am determined to spread the word about this wonderful cultivation practice.