(Minghui.org) Police in many regions of China have been carrying out the “Knocking on Doors” directive, which is meant to harass and arrest Falun Gong practitioners in advance of the Chinese Communist Party's 19th National Congress in October 2017.

Although the directive comes from higher-up officials, those who carry out the directive seem to have countermeasures for dealing with such a policy. Officers who know that Falun Gong practitioners are good people have done what they could to protect practitioners.

Village Party Secretary “Knocks on the Wrong Door”

In Jiaodong area, Shandong Province, a village party secretary and three police officers were involved in the “Knocking on Doors” initiative.

When they arrived at the floor where a practitioner lived, the secretary pointed south and said, “It's the home on the south side.”

The officers knocked on the door there and entered. They inspected the rooms and took pictures. The homeowner was frightened and asked what was going on.

After the officers finished the inspection, they asked if the homeowner practiced Falun Gong. The homeowner replied, “Nobody here practices Falun Gong. Get out!” And the officers were driven out.

The party secretary said, “We must have gone to the wrong home.” The officers were embarrassed and left without inspecting the actual practitioner's home.

A few days later, the same thing happened when they went to the area of another practitioner's home.

The village party secretary knows that Falun Gong is a good practice, and he had himself withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations to take a moral stance against the persecution.

Police Officers Conduct “Routine Business”

There have been cases of officers “Knocking on Doors” of practitioners’ homes in our area. Many of them already knew the truth about Falun Gong. They merely performed “routine business” and did not harass practitioners.

Four officers from a certain district went to the home of a practitioner. When the practitioner asked them what they were looking for, the officers said they just wanted to check things out.

One of them, who already knew about Falun Gong and had quit the CCP, said they were merely conducting “routine business.” They then left.

There was also a neighborhood committee official and two policemen who went to “visit” a practitioner. When the practitioner asked them what was going on, the officers said they were investigating a neighborhood case.

The neighborhood committee official said the practitioner was a good person and took good care of her mother-in-law. The policemen left immediately.

Another instance involved two policemen who “visited” a practitioner. They asked him if he was still practicing Falun Gong. The practitioner showed them the photo of his deceased wife and shared her story with them.

“My wife was very sick and could not eat anything,” he told them. “She learned Falun Gong and regained her health. She stopped practicing out of fear when the persecution took place. Consequently, her illness recurred and she died. Who is responsible for her death? You guys? So are you going to beat me now?”

The policemen said they would not beat him and left.