(Minghui.org) I often talk to people about Falun Dafa and come across all kinds of mindsets. One young man criticized practitioners at first, then he made a total turn- around and became sympathetic.

While waiting at a bus stop, I noticed a young man who was looking at the schedule board. We then chatted about the bus service.

“I heard that the bus is free now,” I said. “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just wants to win people’s hearts! But that is futile. Almost 200 million people have now withdrawn from the CCP.”

He responded, “How come you people always say quit the CCP to secure your future? Can't you say anything new? My friends think that Falun Dafa practitioners keep bothering people about quitting the CCP. They are so tired of listening to that again and again.”

He needed to understand the urgency of the matter, so I told him that withdrawing from the CCP impacts one's life. How could we not say it?

To illustrate my point, I talked about a well without a cover, and if I did not remind him over and over again, he might just forget and tumble into it.

I continued, “How many people listen to Falun Dafa? As practitioners of this cultivation practice, we take the risk to tell you the truth, but only some understand us. We could stay away and not talk about it, but natural disasters wait for no one!

We could choose to leave you alone and save ourselves the trouble. But the world is reaching an extreme point, and we don’t want to see you remain a member of the CCP when it has to pay for its crimes. We hope that all of you will have a wonderful future!”

He finally got my point and said, “I get it now. Practitioners are indeed really doing us good! I will definitely let my friends know and ask them to listen to what you tell us.”