(Minghui.org) A Shanghai man imprisoned for his faith began to exhibit persistent vomiting again in recent days, and his family suspects that he may have been drugged again.

Mr. Pang Guangwen first developed the symptoms not long after he was admitted to Tilanqiao Prison on September 3, 2013, to serve five years for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

His wife noted that he had lost a lot of weight when she visited him on May 28, 2014. He said he had trouble keeping food down. When she asked why her husband, who was healthy before his arrest on April 27, 2012, was suddenly so ill, the prison authorities told her he had all kinds of ailments, ranging from gastritis to neuropathic anorexia. They have, however, refused to show her his medical records.

Mr. Pang’s wife consulted medical experts and was told that none of the ailments mentioned would cause persistent vomiting. She began to suspect that her husband may have been given food laced with unknown drugs. Given what happened in the few years since she first raised concerns about her husband’s conditions, her suspicion seems justified.

Mr. Pang got better after she complained to the prison in May 2014, only to exhibit persistent vomiting not long afterward. When she again questioned what had happened to him, he recovered shortly afterward.

Such on-and-off vomiting never stopped. During a recent visit, Mr. Pang’s wife learned that he’s again having persistent vomiting. She fears that her husband may face the same fate as Ms. Bai Gendi, another Shanghai practitioner who was drugged in prison and died nine months after she was released on medical parole.

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