(Minghui.org) October 4 is the Mid-autumn Festival (or Moon Festival) in China, a joyful tradition and time for family reunions. The greetings presented here have been received from Falun Dafa practitioners in 22 provinces and 8 other provincial-level regions. All of them are grateful for Master Li's compassion and they sincerely wish Master a Happy Holiday!

Practitioners in Yili Zhou, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of northwest China, wrote, “At this special occasion, we practitioners would like to thank Master for the enormous compassion and selfless sacrifice. We will remain diligent in cultivation practice and save more people.”

Located in central China, practitioners in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, wrote that Falun Dafa principles are very profound and they have provided guidance to practitioners. Despite the massive suppression in China, practitioners are determined in their spiritual belief.

Practitioners from Jilin Province in northeastern China wrote, “Once again we are celebrating the Moon Festival. During the suppression of the past 18 years, although we experienced much difficulty, we were pleased to safeguard our righteous belief.” They said Master always helped practitioners who stumbled to get up and move forward.

One practitioner from Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southeastern China wrote, “Because of the ongoing persecution, I was forced to stay away from home. But thinking of other practitioners and Master, I feel warm and am fortunate to be a practitioner.” He said Falun Dafa improved physical health and uplifted his mind nature. “I am now on the way of returning to the origin and I will do well as a practitioner.”

The remaining greetings hailed from:Nanjing City, Jiangsu ProvinceYichuan City, Ningxia Autonomous RegionHuangshan City, Anhui ProvinceQingyuan County, Liaoning ProvinceTaiyuan City, Shanxi ProvinceYangzhou City, Jiangsu ProvinceBaoji City, Shaanxi ProvinceDatong City, Shanxi ProvinceXinzhou City, Shanxi ProvinceZhangjiakou City, Hebei ProvinceKunming City, Yunnan ProvinceNanping City, Fujian ProvinceKaiyuan City, Yunnan ProvinceWusu City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous RegionLiuzhou City, Guangxi Autonomous RegionNanhui District, Shanghai CityLongyan City, Fujian ProvinceJiaxing City, Zhejiang ProvincePuningshan District, Guangxi Autonomous RegionXining City, Qinghai ProvinceZhucheng City, Shandong ProvinceBaodi County, Tianjin CityPingshan County, Hebei ProvinceHairoushan District, Beijing CityLuoyang City, Henan ProvinceFuyu County, Heilongjiang ProvinceNanchang City, Jiangxi ProvinceDazu District, Chongqing CityWuhan City, Hubei ProvinceBaiyin City, Gansu ProvinceChifeng City, Inner MongoliaGuiyang City, Guizhou ProvinceJiangsu ProvinceHainan Province