(Minghui.org) As the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Moon Festival) approaches, practitioners who are illegally detained in China for their belief in Falun Dafa are sending their greetings to wish revered Master Li a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

In this report, we present a selection of the 23 greetings received from practitioners illegally detained in the following places:

Qiqihar and Fularji, Heilongjiang ProvinceXiangtai, Hunan ProvinceSanmenxia, Henan ProvinceShanghaiXinjiangShaanxi ProvinceLianyungang City, Jiangsu ProvinceDongguan City, Guangdong ProvinceDa’an City, Jilin ProvinceYulin, Shaanxi ProvinceNanjing, Jiangsu ProvinceBeijingNanchang, Jiangxi ProvinceDa'an, Jilin Province

Greetings to Master have also been received from practitioners who are illegally held in following prisons:

Changsha Women’s Prison,Wangling Prison,Jinzhong Prison of Shanxi Province,Shaanxi Provincial Women’s Prison,Weinan PrisonNanjing Women's ProvinceWomen's Prison in FularjiShanghai Songjiang Women's PrisonShanghai Tilanqiao Prison

Falun Dafa Practitioners Illegally Detained in China Wish Revered Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!