(Minghui.org) My husband and I worked as graduate students at Peking and Tsinghua Universities respectively. As our personalities were very compatible, the first three years of our marriage were happy and blissful.

Struck by Severe Bipolar Disorder

We experienced a series of misfortunes three years into our marriage. My husband’s younger sister unexpectedly passed away and his mother came down with a serious illness. I suffered a miscarriage and my husband’s career hit an impasse. Soon after, my husband began showing signs of severe depression. He spent days weeping silent tears on our balcony, turned down all invitations to social and sporting events, and even stopped reporting to work.

With medical treatment and emotional support from his family, my husband’s depressive symptoms vanished, but only to be replaced with symptoms of mania. My husband became extremely short tempered. He started spending most of his time pursuing irrelevant social events and meeting other women, spending large amounts of money in the process. Although the manic symptoms disappeared soon after his doctor prescribed a new regimen of medication, his earlier depressive symptoms soon returned.

A Desperately Hopeless Situation

My life went through many upheavals throughout these subsequent three years as my husband battled his mental illness. Besides taking on the financial burden of supporting our family, which included financing our mortgage and car loans, I had to provide constant emotional support to my husband while holding down my job. The constant stress and anxiety affected my health and I began suffering from frequent migraine headaches, chronic back pain, numbness in my left leg and ovarian cysts. Our lives were in shambles and plagued with a sense of hopelessness.

Falun Dafa Saved Our Lives

At this juncture, I visited my elder uncle who practiced Falun Dafa, and his wise counsel rekindled a spark of hope within me. My uncle exhorted me to take good care of my husband, discourage him from suicidal thoughts and advised me not to divorce him. A wife by nature should be gentle and virtuous, displaying consideration for her husband’s feelings and care for her family. My uncle’s heartfelt advice, based on Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, highlighted my many shortcomings and caused me to feel regret over the way I had treated my husband.

The Road to Physical and Mental Recovery

After returning from visiting with my uncle, I began playing the Falun Dafa music "Pudu" continuously at home. I soon began to notice the special effects of this music. My migraine headaches would disappear within ten minutes of listening to this music. My insomniac husband and elderly mother-in-law began sleeping soundly at night. My husband’s symptoms of depression gradually vanished, along with the fine tremors from his severe anxiety. He became more relaxed and even resumed reading his academic texts. My husband marveled at this miracle, “Whenever I hear this music, I feel particularly peaceful and comfortable.”

Soon after, we began playing the audio recordings of Master Li Hongzhi’s lectures. My mother-in-law had received minimal education and hence could not understand a number of terms used by Master Li. However, she developed a particular fondness for the lectures and would sit respectfully next to the laptop, listening attentively with a peaceful, relaxed demeanor. This was a well-deserved respite for my grieving mother-in-law, who had buried her daughter and eldest son, before nearly losing her only remaining son to severe bipolar disorder within the span of four years.

After I finished listening to the first lecture, Master Li began cleansing my body. I would experience the occasional symptom of diarrhea, flu, fever or cough. This went on until I finished listening to the fourth lecture. Afterwards, my body felt extremely comfortable. My husband’s condition improved by leaps and bounds. Master also began cleansing his body once he started listening to the Fa. Regardless of the amount of any discomfort we suffered, we determinedly continued to listen to the Fa.

Starting the Path of Cultivation Practice

I started practicing the Falun Dafa exercises after a few rounds of listening to the lecture series. Despite the winter cold, I found myself drenched in sweat after completing the first four sets of exercises. A month later, I realized that my migraine headaches had disappeared, along with my other illnesses. My mother-in-law eventually decided to join me in cultivation practice. Soon after, her diabetes was miraculously cured and her blood sugar levels returned to normal.

Although my husband did not pick up cultivation practice, he too benefited from Dafa’s subtle influence. His mental state gradually returned to normal and my husband began engaging us in conversations and helping out around the house. Before, my husband had adopted a number of bad traits from work, including an ambitious thirst for fame and fortune. After listening to the Fa, he came to realize the error of his ways and the high prevalence of corruption, embezzlement and laziness within the government office he was working at. From the Fa, my husband also learned that one’s status and fortune in life are predetermined. My husband took Master’s teachings to heart and let go of his attachments to fame and success, telling me, “I will strive to become a better person.”

A Harmonious Family and Smooth Career

After his recovery, my husband found a job at a new workplace. He was warmly welcomed by his new superiors and colleagues and began actively participating in a number of sports and social events. With the guidance and blessings brought by Dafa, I found myself endowed with greater wisdom, which allowed me to complete my work with greater efficiency. As a result, I was quickly promoted by the leader of my work unit.

Previously, my mother-in-law would spend her nights crying silently. Since taking up Falun Dafa, her outlook has greatly improved and her smiles of happiness have brightened the atmosphere at home.

Falun Dafa has brought us many blessings and I continue to speak of the goodness of Dafa to our friends and relatives who have witnessed our amazing transformation.