(Minghui.org) I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the beginning of 2016 and got a second and third opinion from two major hospitals. They both suggested immediate surgery. However, the surgeon insisted that if my family did not come with me for the follow-up visit, he would not see me anymore.

I worried, “If I refuse surgery, what else is there?” I suddenly remembered Falun Dafa! My husband used to be a Falun Dafa practitioner before he met me. He had suffered under the persecution and I had not seen him do the exercises for years, so who would teach me?

I remembered a former co-worker who was fired 10 years before because he practiced Falun Dafa, but we had not been in contact for years, so where could I find him? Fortunately, a schoolmate of his helped me get hold of him. He lived less than a mile from my home.

Becoming a Practitioner Despite the Persecution

I got hold of him, and he had his wife help me learn everything about being a Dafa practitioner.

Every time I watched the Dafa lectures, I fell asleep. After I had practiced for a while, I realized that Master was cleansing the illness in my brain. After one week, the migraine that tormented me for 20 years no longer bothered me. I felt so clear-headed!

During the New Year holiday, I got up before everyone and did the standing exercises. I also did all the household chores as if nothing was wrong with me. I did tell my family about my cancer and that I had begun to practice Falun Dafa. I told them that I had been given six months to live and said that, without Dafa, I could not handle this stressful situation.

The strength to deal with the stress of my diagnosis came from practicing Dafa and the support of fellow practitioners.

A former co-worker who’d stopped practicing Dafa after being severely persecuted began to practice again. My husband did the same after witnessing how I changed.

Dream Foretells Cleansing

We planned to take a vacation in Taiwan. One week before we left, I had a vivid dream. In the dream I felt as if something was ready to come out of my body, so I went to the bathroom and a black ball the size of a peach plus several more fell out of me. I woke up and wondered if this was a dream.

I thought Master had gotten rid of the cancer for me, but then I wondered if I was too attached to my illness and had developed hallucinations.

After we arrived in Taiwan we went sightseeing and then found local practitioners to study the Fa. After I returned to the hotel, I had to use the restroom and a black ball the size of an egg fell out of my body. I was constantly in and out of the bathroom, until four such balls fell out of me, just like those in my dream!

Master showed me the power of Dafa through cleansing my body. Master gave me a second life.