(Minghui.org) I met practitioner Lin (alias) in February 2017 at a hair salon. Lin is a 67 year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2005, and had been practicing the exercises and studying the book Zhuan Falun on her own at home. I took the opportunity to invite her to study the Fa at my home. We started meeting daily in the afternoon to study the Fa together.

One day, Lin arrived at my home earlier than expected. I greeted her and invited her in, but she did not respond to my greeting. She looked very pale, and her entire body was drenched in sweat. She had been vomiting uncontrollably at home. I knew that this was interference by the old forces, and immediately asked her to sit down and send forth righteous thoughts.

Lin struggled to say, “I cannot remember the words for sending forth righteous thoughts.”

I firmly told her, “Tell those evil beings that you are a Dafa practitioner and they are not allowed to interfere with your cultivation. And ask Master for help!” I too raised an upright palm in front of my chest, and silently asked Master for help to eliminate the old forces responsible for causing Lin’s tribulation.

After sending righteous thoughts for a short while, Lin’s hands had drooped down, and her body was slumped to one side. I loudly told her, “Wake up! You must remain steadfast! Remember, you are a Dafa practitioner. Ask Master for help!” Lin immediately straightened up and resumed the correct posture for sending righteous thoughts.

As I sent forth righteous thoughts, I realized that this tribulation was also intended as a lesson for me. I had been holding a grudge against Lin’s daily visits to study the Fa, as I was unable to make plans or travel far in order to accommodate our daily Fa study sessions at 2:00 p.m. The inconvenience irritated me.

I immediately admitted my mistake to Master. My thoughts were wrong and I wasn't taking our Fa study sessions seriously!

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts while keeping one eye on Lin, reminding her to stay awake when she started to fall asleep.

Seeing no visible improvement in Lin’s condition, I was near the end of my endurance, and in despair. The old forces chose this moment to remind me of another elderly practitioner who had passed away just twenty days earlier. This practitioner had suddenly fallen ill, and a number of practitioners immediately visited her home to send forth righteous thoughts. However, their attempt was unsuccessful and she soon passed away.

This recollection then gave birth to a new grievance against Lin. I started blaming her for making my life difficult. Why had she not sought out another practitioner for help? Lin would have passed by this practitioner's home to get here, and that practitioner’s entire family practices Falun Dafa. Lin should have approached them instead of me! Moreover, how was I to tell Lin’s family if she passed away in my home?

Such negative thoughts continued to occupy my mind until I realized that these thoughts were wrong. Lin coming to seek my help had been arranged by Master, and moreover, Lin had placed her trust in me. This thought renewed my determination to persevere and disintegrate the old forces' interference.

However, the old forces had yet to give up, and some negative images soon appeared in my mind. I saw a practitioner arrive at my home to help transport deceased Lin’s body downstairs. We were placing her body on her electric tricycle before transporting her home.

This scene shocked me and made me vehemently deny the old forces’ arrangements, while begging Master to help save Lin. I firmly directed my attention away from monitoring Lin’s posture, and instead concentrated on sending forth the most powerful righteous thoughts I could muster.

Lin suddenly made a loud noise and threw up on both of us. We were both covered in vomit, but Lin was now alert and responsive. I knew then that Master had destroyed the old forces that had been interfering with her. As we reassured each other that the tribulation was over, I looked up to see that we had been sending forth righteous thoughts for only twenty minutes.

We both showered and cleaned up the place before settling down to study the Fa.

From this experience, I realized that it is critical to have consistent strong righteous thoughts, firm adherence to the principles of Dafa, and absolute faith in Master, in order to successfully eliminate the old force interference from other dimensions.