Greetings to the South America Fa Conference

To the Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference: Greetings to you all! The spiritual practice done in Dafa is different from that in other religions and practices, because you have a mission as Dafa disciples, which is, to save beings while you journey toward spiritual perfection. It is a responsibility you must assume, as most people in this world came from the heavens and became human in order to receive the Fa teachings... 
(Translation by Team Yellow)

To the Fa Conference in South America

Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference: Greetings everyone! Dafa cultivation is different from other religions and cultivation practices, because Dafa disciples came with a mission and are required to save sentient beings during the course of their individual paths toward consummation. Since most of the world’s people descended from heaven to reincarnate as humans for the purpose of obtaining the Fa, Dafa disciples therefore must shoulder this responsibility...
(Translation by Team Blue)

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