(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who benefited from this cultivation practice physically and mentally. I often tell my family members about the preciousness of Dafa. I also tell them that reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” would protect them whenever their lives are in danger.

When my husband was returning home from work in May of last year, he rode his electric tricycle. At an intersection, he was hit by a motorcycle head-on! He was knocked to the ground, and the tricycle pressed down on his chest. He immediately recited the Dafa phrases. He knew that he would be protected by the Master of Dafa.

The motorcycle driver was scared to death and pleaded with the passers-by to help. Nobody offered their help, since it was a bloody scene, and they were terrified. My husband recited the phrases over and over again, and told the driver to lift him up, which he did! The driver told him that he would take him to the hospital. My husband said: “I am fine, you, instead, should go to the hospital.” Then the driver realized that his arm had a bleeding injury.”

When my family members arrived, they began to disparage my husband, the driver stopped them, since the accident was his fault. They took the driver to the hospital and asked if my husband wanted to have a medical check-up also. My husband declined and thanked them.

My husband told me about the accident and said: “I was only so lucky because of Master Li's protection, I was so lucky! Thank you, Master!”

Son Survived Serious Accident

Two months later, in July of last year, my son also faced an accident. He was working at a construction site when hit by a drunk driver with a van. It was a hit and run. My son flew over 30 meters, hit the ground hard and passed out.He was taken immediately to the hospital, and came out of his coma during the medical checkup.

My husband was very concerned and I told him to calm down, go to see him right away, and remind him to recite the Dafa phrases with him. At the hospital, he saw his son was wounded pretty badly, and even his face was injured. My husband was heartbroken. With tears in his eyes, he told my son to sincerely recite the phrases over and over. They both did!

Three days later, his face was healed, and the scabs on his face also peeled off. His doctor and other patients commented: “How blessed are you! You healed so fast! We wonder what is your faith?” My husband proudly replied: “Falun Dafa!”