(Minghui.org) Since the Chinese Communist Party began it’s persecution of Falun Dafa, many overseas practitioners have been working on projects to assist Master Li (the founder) in Fa-rectification, instead of choosing to work at high-paying jobs. These practitioners often live on tight budgets, and continue to cultivate diligently in their own unique environment.

Many practitioners from China have immigrated to the U.S. in recent years, and want to live near Master. This has created a “price war” among practitioners due to increased demand in the local housing market.

Practitioners who have the financial means don’t think twice about buying into the over inflated market. Those who have been living on a meager income can’t afford to buy a home, and rent in the area has also increased due to the high demand. Practitioners who have focused on working hard on Dafa projects, suffer the most in this situation.

The change in the housing market in Orange County affects practitioners in other areas as well. Some practitioners who are landlords want to keep up with the higher rent in Orange County, and have started to demand more rent from their tenants, who are also practitioners. Making money from other practitioners has become a trend.

Helping practitioners who spend most of their time on projects to save sentient beings is what is needed, not higher rent!

Aren’t practitioners who have not been cultivating diligently and insist on living in Orange County, ashamed to live near Master?

Have the practitioners who contributed to the inflation of housing prices ever thought about the hardship they created for the less well-off practitioners who really need to live in the area? Is it because of their desire to be closer to or have a better chance to “run into” Master?

Master watches over every diligent practitioner. There is no need to be physically near him. Wanting to live close to Master is a strong attachment.

Wealthy practitioners may spend their money however they want. Showing off one’s wealth, however, does not in any way contribute positively to Fa-rectification. It will only put pressure on others and cause interference.

The practitioners who have devoted all their time and energy to Dafa projects are admirable. Some of those who did not pursue personal gain and notoriety were mocked, alienated, and looked down upon by other practitioners as being poor and having a low social status. This warped thinking negatively impacts the Fa-rectification.

This is based on my personal observations and understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.