Oasis in the Southernmost Part of Taiwan (Part 12)

One practitioner who has talked to tourists about Falun Dafa for years says that many mainland Chinese have trouble separating the country of China from the Chinese Communist Party. “To show their patriotism,” she explains, “they listen to the CCP and support the persecution.” A Chinese official said the persecution is as evil as the practitioners' posters depict but that everyone chooses to be silent to stay safe and keep their jobs.

Taiwan: Falun Dafa Practitioners Learn from Each Other During Conference

On Sunday August 11, 2019, nearly one thousand Falun Dafa practitioners from six cities and counties in south Taiwan gathered in Pingtung. Their day-long activities included reading the Falun Dafa teachings and talking about their cultivation experiences.

Berlin, Germany: Series of Events Raise Awareness of the Persecution in China

Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Berlin on August 10, 2019, for a series of activities, including two marches, a rally, and a candlelight vigil. They promoted the benefits of this meditation system to the public and called for an end to the ongoing persecution in China. Many people expressed their support and signed a petition to help end the atrocities.

Sweden: Young Man Attracted to the Peaceful Nature of Falun Dafa at Gothenberg Culture Festival

Many people came to find out more about Falun Dafa and learn the exercises at one of northern Europe's largest cultural festivals. The peaceful mind and body practice was a sharp contrast to the noise in the rest of the park. 

Inspiring Stories: Dafa Touches People's Lives

Two Falun Dafa practitioners in China recall how people were blessed after coming to understand Dafa and passing the word on to others.

Ancient Stories: Loyalty and Trustworthiness Bring Blessings

Traditional Chinese culture is filled with stories of people who were rewarded for upholding values at great personal cost.

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