(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, more than 20 years ago. Throughout these years, I have deeply felt Master’s immense benevolence as he protects me at all times and guides me in my cultivation.

Finding a True Qigong Practice

When I was sleeping one early morning in March 1995, I suddenly heard someone saying, “Surpassing This Material and Mortal Realm” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun). That person recited this phrase three times, and his voice was very clear. I quickly asked, “Who is this? Who is talking to me?” But there was no one in the house, and I got a bit scared.

I woke my husband and told him what I had heard in my sleep. He did not believe me and said I was dreaming. I knew from this person’s accent that he was from northeastern China, and I felt that he was right in front of me.

Nevertheless, I could not get this sentence out of my mind and was certain that it was not a dream. I asked people if they had any idea what “Surpassing This Material and Mortal Realm” meant. I asked qigong practitioners and lay Buddhists, but they had not heard this sentence and did not believe me either. However, I firmly believed that that this was not a dream and that I must find the master in the dream, or a master who could tell me the meaning of that sentence. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As my company was not doing very well and I was of poor health, I applied for retirement at the age of 45 and started my quest to search for the master. First, I went to the southern region and studied some qigong practices. But none of them was what I was looking for, so I continued to look for my true master.

When I went to my former employer to take care of retirement issues in April 1996, a colleague gave me a qigong magazine and suggested that there was a very good qigong practice I should look into. I noticed a short introduction about Falun Gong, and it showed how to do the exercises.

While doing the exercise movements, a strong energy froze me. I thought, “This exercise is so powerful. Where is the master? I must go and find him and learn the practice from him.” The colleague laughed and said, “We have people here who can teach you the exercises.”

I immediately asked the colleague to introduce me to them. When I heard the voice from the cassette tape, it felt very familiar. When I heard “Surpassing This Material and Mortal Realm,” my eyes filled with tears. I had finally found my master.

From that day on, I practiced the exercises daily. I cried whenever I did the exercises but could not figure out why. Nevertheless, I made a promise to never give up this cultivation practice.

Within the first 20 days of cultivation, when I was meditating, my body felt very light and rose above the ground. I was a little happy but also a little scared. After I talked to other practitioners about it, my body no longer rose above the ground.

When riding my bike, I felt as if someone was pushing me, but when I turned around there was no one. When I carried the bicycle up the stairs, it seemed to be weightless.

Master Cleansed My Body

Master said,

“For all of this to happen, however, your body first needs to be cleansed of the bad things it contains, including any diseases. We will not be healing you though, but rather, cleansing your body. We avoid using the word “healing” and simply refer to it as “cleansing.” This is something we do for whoever is sincere about our practice.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Prior to practicing Dafa, I was diagnosed with anemia due to heavy bleeding during childbirth, and I had constant headaches, dizziness, gastritis, nephritis, and much more. I tried Chinese and Western medicine, qigong, folk remedies, and so on, but none brought me relief.

After listening to Master’s lectures, I quickly understood that Falun Dafa is a cultivation system that teaches people how to cultivate. I also understood that cultivators have to pay for their karma and practice only one cultivation way. Shortly into practicing Dafa, I threw away all the medications and burnt all other qigong books.

Three days after I started to cultivate, Master started to cleanse my body. I experienced symptoms of fever and diarrhea. The volunteer assistant at the practice site said, “So fast–Master is already taking care of you!” Despite my symptoms, I felt well and very comfortable.

I kept studying the Fa, which guided me in my cultivation and unveiled many truths about the universe, the true meaning of life, the purpose of being human, the source of all illnesses, the relationship between modern medicine and healing, and much more.

My xinxing improved, and the bad substances in my body were eliminated after three months into the cultivation. For example, I broke out all over my body. I ignored everything, and the rash disappeared soon after. There were other symptoms, such as swelling in my legs and a high fever. My family began to worry, but I refused to go to the hospital. I knew that Master was cleansing my body, so I was not afraid at all. I did faint, but after that my fibroids disappeared.

Facing Persecution for Going to Beijing to Appeal for Dafa

Jiang Zemin, former head of the communist regime, used the country’s media when he launched the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999 out of jealousy of Master’s popularity. As I had benefited so much, I had to speak up for Falun Gong.

Given the propaganda, I did not know what to do. However, as the persecution escalated, some practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Dafa. I shared my thoughts with a few practitioners, and we decided to go to Beijing. Although these practitioners did not tell their families out of fear, I left a letter for my family telling them the reason I was leaving for Beijing. Later, this letter ended up with the police, and they were very touched after reading it.

We were arrested on our arrival in Beijing and taken back to our local detention center, where we were held for 15 days. Then, I was taken to a brainwashing center, where staff from the 610 Office tried to “transform” me by forcing me to renounce Dafa. They demanded that we write thought reports, trying to find out how their “transformation” had changed us, but I refused. They used both cruel and soft methods on me.

One day, I told them that I would write a thought report, so they gave me pen and paper. I wrote that I would persevere in my cultivation in Dafa. The other practitioners followed suit. They had no idea how to deal with us. As it was close to the Chinese New Year, they released us. Before leaving, they asked us if we would still go to Beijing, and I told them that as long as Falun Gong is persecuted, I would. They wanted to know when, and I said that I had not decided.

After returning home, the police ordered us to follow more than 20 rules. One of them was that they would deduct a certain amount from my salary. When I told my manager that I would be going to Beijing right then, he removed the deduction and had people monitor me around the clock.

As I did not have the chance to validate the Fa during my first trip to Beijing, I kept thinking about going again. Master knew that I had this wish and quickly arranged an opportunity for me to go again. A few practitioners and I successfully reached Beijing under what seemed like an impossible situation. The entire process was dangerous, but I won’t go into the details.

When we reached Beijing, we saw that there were also a few foreign practitioners. We raised our banners on Tiananmen Square and shouted, “Falun Dafa is Good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Our Master is innocent!” We shouted these phrases repeatedly and for a long time before police came and dragged us away. At that time, my mind was blank, as though I was not on earth. By the time I regained my senses, I was glad that I had completed my wish. The policemen from my area could not believe that someone being monitored around the clock had escaped and gone to Beijing.

They brought us back and detained us in the local detention center. This time, our righteous thoughts were much stronger than the previous time. We knew that we were not wrong for validating the Fa in Beijing.

We went on a hunger and refused water. They watched us and recorded our movements around the clock. We began to drink water after nine days. The first bowl of water tasted so sweet, so I drank another four bowls. A fellow practitioner whose Third Eye was open told us that Master had put something into every one of our bowls of water. But, starting with the fifth bowl, it tasted the same as regular water.

They wanted to take us to the brainwashing center again. I said, “I’m not going. What you say does not count. I only listen to my Master.” They continued to look for me, and I said, “I will go to Beijing again and talk to you when I am back.” After that, they no longer took me to a brainwashing class.

Going Into Hiding

Staff from the 610 Office and police broke into my house in May 2001 and attempted to take me to a brainwashing center. I refused, sat down, and sent forth righteous thoughts. They shouted, “How dare you practice your exercise right in front of us. We will get an arrest warrant and take you to jail tomorrow.”

As I worried that my righteous thoughts were not sufficient to overcome this ordeal, I talked to my family and decided to go into hiding. However, this was easier said than done, as my entire house was closely monitored. So, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and begged Master for help. After a while, I pretended that nothing had happened to numb them and slipped out when they were not watching. I found a place and hid there. They sent out many people to search for me at train stations, bus stations, airports, and so on.

After staying for a few days at a friend’s house, I went to a relative’s house in the outskirts and started my roaming life.

Keeping Safety in Mind When Setting Up a Dafa Materials Production Site

After staying away from home for eight months, the Chinese New Year approached. I thought that as a cultivator, I should not worry about being arrested and that the persecutors couldn’t keep me away from my home; no one had the right to touch me. I talked to my husband, and he was all for having me home to celebrate the holiday.

My husband went to the market, where he saw a beautiful painting showing green bamboo, red plum blossoms, and writing that said bamboo brings peace. Bamboo has a hidden meaning of peace, while plum blossom is my name. My husband immediately bought the painting. I felt that the painting was an encouragement from Master. After I returned home, no one came to look for me.

Then, I started to clarify the truth about Dafa to people in 2001. I put together money to have the Dafa informational materials photocopied at a printing shop. However, I realized that this was not only expensive but also dangerous. Therefore, after discussing with fellow practitioners, we decided to start our own material production site.

With the onset of the persecution, every practitioner’s finances became quite tight. I remembered that I had saved about a 1,000 yuan over the years but could not find the money. Then, when I opened my wardrobe, the 1,000 yuan was sitting neatly on top of my clothes. I was in tears.

After setting up the site, we had to purchase materials and everything else. I noticed patrol cars on my way home and took small alleyways instead.

Throughout these years, we practitioners seldom communicate over the phone and instead talk face to face most of the time. I also tend to walk rather than take public transportation. Sometimes when there are a lot of materials to distribute and time is tight, I will ask Master to arrange for a public bus to come. So far, I have had no problem taking a bus when needed. The bus would also stop a short distance before the bus stop.

As the number of practitioners who needed Dafa materials increased, I set up a production site at my home. However, as soon as I made the decision, a patrol car that was equipped with many monitoring devices appeared near my house around the clock. So, I did not dare to start producing materials. This situation continued for about 40 days. Through studying the Fa, I realized that the state was wrong and that it was due to my attachment of fear. So, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts and said, “No one has the right to disrupt my production site.” The patrol car did not come back.

Experiencing Master’s Protection

If I did not have Master’s protection, I would have not overcome many difficulties. When I went to a night market in 1997, a motorbike sped toward me but stopped in front of my feet. Nothing happened because Master protected me.

When I went to a village to distribute materials, I met a plainclothes policeman who told me, “Go quickly. There are many plainclothes officers here.” Just then, a cab stopped in front of me, and I took it.

A mother and her child, relatives of mine, were arrested for distributing Dafa materials in 2009. They had not studied the Fa diligently and had strong attachments for doing things. The child could not maintain his xinxing and told the police about me. After being detained for 15 days, the child was released, and his father demanded that staff from the 610 Office arrest me. No matter what the father did to help the authorities, he did not succeed. When he was calling the authorities, he collapsed. So, he no longer dared to call the police. Master protected me again.

In 2010, the police followed me and found the materials production site. They surrounded my house. That night, I sent forth righteous thoughts and walked out in an upright manner while they changed shifts. But I still needed to get the equipment out. Someone helped me change the packaging, and I could take them out of my house without any problems.

After setting up my new material production site, police followed me when I talked to people about Dafa. They set up monitoring devices around the new site and had plainclothes officers follow me. I asked Master to protect the equipment used for Dafa, after which I escaped.

Master protected me in many other instances as well. I must continue to make good use of time to have more people hear the truth about Dafa.