(Minghui.org) On Sunday August 11, 2019, nearly one thousand Falun Dafa practitioners from six cities and counties in south Taiwan gathered in Pingtung. Their day-long activities included reading the Falun Dafa teachings and talking about their cultivation experiences.

The large group Fa-study was held at a high school campus in Pingtung, Taiwan.

Practitioners also read the Falun Dafa teachings in small groups.

Returning to Cultivation

Several practitioners discussed their realizations and cultivation issues they encountered. Weiwei started to read the Fa and do the exercises with her mom when she was very young. “Although I didn't know what cultivation was, I could feel the beauty of Dafa,” she said. She went to the Minghui school for children and participated in various activities. “I had only one thought, to let everyone know that Falun Dafa is good.”

However, Weiwei slacked off in high school. She pursued everyday people's entertainment and seldom read the Fa. “I forgot the real purpose of life—which is to return to our true selves,” she said. “After I graduated from college, I pursued money and fame, and competed with others until I experienced failure at work. Then I realized that what happened was a wake-up call from Master.”

“I decided that I should correct myself and go back to cultivation,” Weiwei explained. She started to read the Fa and attend Dafa activities.

She said, “Now I try to balance my time between work and Dafa activities. More importantly I've started to look inward for my own faults whenever I have conflicts with others. When I have tribulations, I can calmly look inward, and try to get rid of my attachments. I just focus on what I need to do as a Dafa disciple. I thank Master for encouraging me to step back onto the path of cultivation!”

Media Work Helps Point Out Attachments

Rongjia has worked at the Epoch Times as an author and editor for more than 10 years. She said, “I published articles using a pen name and worked as a full time volunteer for a long time. On the surface, it looked like I didn't pursue fame, because other people didn't know that I was the author. But this year, I discovered that I still have an attachment to fame. Every time after one of my articles was published, I would pay attention to how many times it was opened, and whether it was the top feature. When other editors pointed out flaws in my articles, I would have complaints. I knew I still had competitiveness in my heart.”

She continued, “I read the Fa calmly, and realized that I had not put down selfishness.”

Rongjia also found recently that she treats “doing things” as cultivation. “When I read the Fa or do exercises, I often think of my daily job, such as the sentences I need to rewrite. I always hope that other people praise me. I have a strong attachment to showing off, which greatly interferes with my cultivation.”

She said, “I need to cultivate myself in everything, and look inward in everything. Writing and editing articles provides me with many cultivation opportunities.”

Talking to Chinese People at Tourist Attractions

The local night market is a popular tourist spot and a destination for Chinese tourists. Caifeng has been going there to clarify the truth. She said, “At first, I didn't know how to talk to them. I just held a display board and showed them the information about Falun Dafa and how it's being persecuted. I was afraid to talk to them face to face. The other practitioners encouraged to me memorize a few sentences to start a conversation, and that's how I started to talk to people.”

“The first time, I was so nervous that I forgot all the sentences I'd memorized. When a Chinese gentleman stopped and began reading the information, all I remembered was to tell him that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, and I asked him if he wanted to quit the Party. He did not respond, but another man who was listening said firmly, 'My name is so and so, and I'm a member of the communist party.'”

“At first I didn't know what he meant. I suddenly realized and nervously asked him, 'Did you want to quit the Party with your real name?' He said yes. I was so excited and happy for him.”

Gradually Caifeng relaxed and became more confident. She goes to the night market and other tourist attractions every day and sincerely talks to people. In the beginning she was able to convince about twelve Chinese people to quit the party each month. Later she was able to help 30, 70, and 100 each month. In the last three months, she convinced more than 300 people each month.

“I feel that I'm filled with energy after I talk to people. On the way home, I recite the Fa. I'm filled with happiness given by the Fa,” she said.

“Everything and Everyone Around Me Became Positive after I Began Practicing.”

Xiaozhen began practicing Falun Dafa about six months ago. She said, “I'm so lucky to have obtained the Fa.” She explained that her husband gambled and cheated on her. After the divorce, Xiaozhen severely injured her knee in a car accident. The doctor said that she would suffer from nerve damage for the rest of her life.

After being bedridden for three years, Xiaozhen started to practice this year. “I cherish this opportunity very much,” she said, “Master's teaching deeply moves my heart. I now understand the real purpose of life, and why I've suffered so much.”

Xiaozhen never skipped a day of Fa-study or exercises. “I have learned how to handle conflicts—I should look inward for my faults unconditionally.”

“What's amazing is that everything and everyone around me has become positive. Now, I'm happy every day. I can sense the immense compassion of Dafa. It's so wonderful,” she said.

The Importance of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Lizhi, a retired elementary school teacher, shared her experiences of instructing young practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts, which is one of the three things that Master has asked practitioners to do well.

Before she retired, Lizhi set up a Falun Dafa practice group for second graders. To her surprise, some children's celestial eyes opened the first time they did the exercises. They told her that they saw negative elements trying to interfere with them when they did the exercises, and they could not calm down.

So Lizhi taught the children how to send forth righteous thoughts. The children said they saw that the negative things were eliminated completely.

Lizhi has practiced with the children for several years. Many of them told her what they saw in other dimensions through their celestial eyes, especially what they saw while sending forth righteous thoughts. She deeply realizes the importance and the power of sending forth righteous thoughts.

She clearly remembers that a child told her that practitioners who cultivate well radiate a golden light in the other dimensions, and the bad things do not dare to interfere with them. As soon as those practitioners look at the bad things, they are disintegrated.

From these experiences, Lizhi said that she sees the importance of reading the Fa well and cultivating oneself well.