38 Falun Gong Practitioners in China Sentenced to Prison in April 2019 for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith

The practitioners come from 14 provinces and municipalities in China and were sentenced to terms between six months and ten years, with an average of 3.45 years. They were arrested for raising awareness of the communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong, including distributing informational materials and removing a propaganda poster.

Portland, Oregon: Falun Dafa Float Awarded First Place in Starlight Parade

Falun Dafa practitioners participated in the 43th Starlight Parade in Portland, Oregon, on June 1, 2019, and their float won first place in the Non-Commercial Division. The parade is part of the Portland Rose Festival, which is a tradition that goes back more than 100 years.

Ukraine: Falun Dafa Practitioners Gather to Share Cultivation Experiences and Insights

The Ukraine Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference brought together practitioners from major cities in Ukraine, neighboring countries, and the European Union. Speakers shared how they applied the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their life and at work. One of them recalled how Falun Dafa improved her family relationships: "It was amazing that when I changed myself for the better, my surroundings also improved."

Liaoning Woman Dies 13 Days after Prison Admission for Not Renouncing Her Faith

A 52-year-old woman was held in a cold solitary cell in her final days, stripped naked and forced to sit on the cement floor. Her health quickly declined but the prison refused to provide medical care.

“The Blacklisted” Film Premieres in Serbia Despite Government Censorship

The Blacklisted is a Serbian production that tells the story of 11 Falun Gong practitioners who were detained by the police in Belgrade during a summit between China and 16 European countries in 2014.

Some Thoughts Following the 2019 Falun Dafa Day Parade in Hong Kong

"As a lonely new Falun Gong practitioner, meeting so many practitioners was exhilarating! Looking at them gave me momentum to better my own cultivation and made me see areas where I needed to improve."

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