Poznan, Poland: Couple Travels Almost 200 Miles Just to Learn Falun Gong

A man who first saw Falun Gong some time ago said, “I felt terrible that I didn’t learn the exercises back then. I knew that it was a great practice and kept thinking about learning it afterward.” Another said, “We welcome the principles of Falun Gong, Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. This is what the world needs.” Yet another, “It opened up my horizons and I knew that I had come across a very precious thing." One couple even traveled 200 miles to learn the exercises.

Canada: Falun Gong Rally Seeks Help from Prime Minister to Rescue Family Members

As Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's trip to China approaches, Falun Gong practitioners in Toronto held a rally calling on Trudeau to help to rescue an imprisoned Canadian citizen and 12 family members of Canadians who are also unlawfully detained in China. “My father was beaten, starved, and forced to do heavy labor,” said one of the rally speakers.

Australian Practitioner: China Fahui Articles Help Me Overcome Tribulations

“By reading China Fahui articles, I was able to overcome serious tribulations several times, sometimes even on the edge of life and death,” she said. It strengthened her righteous thoughts, making her more clear-minded on the issue of illness karma and more determined in cultivation practice. She also realized the importance of staying diligent and using one’s time wisely.

Budapest, Hungary: Falun Gong Protests During China-CEEC Summit Draw Media Attention

Local practitioners gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy to stage a peaceful protest, calling for an end to the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Ukraine: Teaching Falun Dafa at Kiev Yoga Expo

Visitors asked about the practice itself but also wanted to know why it is being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. 

Xi’an Woman Sentenced to Prison for Her Faith, Court Clerk Admits Outcome of Falun Gong Cases Pre-determined

In the words of a court clerk, "Falun Gong cases are submitted to and pre-approved by the intermediate court before being returned to the trial courts to go through the motions."

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