South Australia Welcomes the Chinese Spectacular (Photos)

( Divine Performing Arts held two shows of the Chinese Spectacular in Adelaide, South Australia, on April 14. About 100 guests, including politicians, business leaders, and local Chinese community leaders, attended the reception before the debut.

Canberra, Australia: Lawyer: "The Dances and Music are World Class" (Photos)

( John Li, a lawyer in Canberra, Australia, went to see the Chinese Spectacular on April 12. He said: "The show was great! Better than I expected. The dances and music are world class. The music was touching and the dances were beautiful and professional."

Adelaide, Australia: Chinese Student: "A Show Chinese People Can Be Proud Of" (Photo)

( On the night of April 14 2008, Divine Performing Arts performed to a full house at the Adelaide Festival Theatre in Adelaide, Australia. An audience of fifteen hundred applauded and cheered.

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