Additional Information about Mr. Chen Baofeng's Death as a Result of Torture (Photo)

( At about 10 o'clock on the morning of March 3, 2008, a witness observed a black car arriving at the Wujiawa Detention Center (also known as Chaoyang City First Detention Center). Several police officers dragged Mr. Chen Baofeng out of the back seat. He was extremely weak, and his head drooped. Mr. Chen was without shoes and moaned constantly. According to an insider, he died at noon that day.

Eyewitness Account: Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted at Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province

( Xinhua Forced Labor Camp is just one of the many Chinese Communist Party (CCP) heinous forced labor camps where Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted. Practitioners have been tortured at the Second Squadron in the Sixth Division. I saw and heard many incidents of torture while I was imprisoned there.

Falun Dafa Practitioners from Qian'an City, Hebei Province Shocked With Electric Batons Until Their Bodies Became Scorched

( Chinese Communist Party officials in Qian'an City rampantly persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners before the 17th CCP People's Congress conference in 2007. Instructed by Qian'an City Party Secretary, the police officers, led by the head of the National Security Team, Peng Minghui (male), policemen Ha Fulong and Bu Yonglai, illegally arrested as many as 40 practitioners and their families and detained them at the police department, the detention center and the brainwashing center between September 28, 2007, and October 25, 2007. This number does not include those practitioners whose homes were ransacked. Many practitioners were shocked with electric batons by Ha Fulong and Bu Yonglai until their bodies became scorched.

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