(Clearwisdom.net) Chinese Communist Party officials in Qian'an City rampantly persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners before the 17th CCP People's Congress conference in 2007. Instructed by Qian'an City Party Secretary, the police officers, led by the head of the National Security Team, Peng Minghui (male), policemen Ha Fulong and Bu Yonglai, illegally arrested as many as 40 practitioners and their families and detained them at the police department, the detention center and the brainwashing center between September 28, 2007, and October 25, 2007. This number does not include those practitioners whose homes were ransacked. Many practitioners were shocked with electric batons by Ha Fulong and Bu Yonglai until their bodies became scorched.

The Qian'an Police Department received rewards from the higher authorities for the persecution they carried out. The Political and Legal Committee in Qian'an were also watching this matter. Most of the practitioners who suffered physical and financial persecution have now been released. Practitioners Ms. Zhou Huizhong and Ms. Liu Xiaoyuan were each sentenced to one-and-a-half years of forced labor and were sent to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. Ms. Liu Xiaoyuan was taken back home because she did not pass the physical examination. Ms. Zhou Huizhong is currently being detained at the labor camp.

Several police officers shocked practitioner Mr. Wang Weiyue with electric batons until his body was scorched. He had burns and blisters all over his mouth and as a result could not eat for a long period of time. He was released after being detained for several months. He was arrested again on February 11, 2008 when he was distributing truth clarification material and is now detained in the Qian'an Detention Center.

Practitioner Mr. Li Qingsong was shocked with three electric batons in the brainwashing center by 610 Office Head Yang Yulin (male), head of the National Security Team Peng Minghui and policeman Bu Yonglai. Mr. Li held a hunger strike to protest the torture. He escaped from the brainwashing center with righteous thoughts after 26 days of detention. Policeman Bu Yonglai arrested him again and took him to the brainwashing center two days later, where Mr. Li was brutally beaten by Yang Yulin. His family successfully got him back afterwards. On December 21, 2007, two groups of police officers led by Bu Yonglai and Ha Fulong went to arrest him again. One group went to his mother's home and the other group went to his home. They issued an arrest warrant to his family two days later. His case has now been transfered to the court and the court has notified his family. His family found that all of the so-called "evidence" was fabricated.

Ha Fulong and Bu Yonglai shocked practitioners Mr. Li Yankui, Ms. Zhao Minghua, Ms. Cui Qingru and Ms. Zhang Hewen with electric batons after they were arrested, until their bodies became scorched. While Ms. Zhao Minghua was being shocked with electric batons, she was handcuffed to a chair. The handcuffs severely hurt her wrists because her body was twitching while she was being shocked. The persecutors interrogated the practitioners with torture, fabricated the evidence and reported their cases to the Judicial System. The higher authorities rejected their cases due to lack of evidence. The practitioners were detained in the detention center for one month until the police department issued the release warrants, which stated they were not guilty and the police department had decided to release them. The police department released Ms. Cui Qingru after they extorted 20,000 yuan from her family. Mr. Li Yankui, Ms. Zhao Minghua and Ms. Zhang Hewen were taken to the brainwashing center. At the brainwashing center the officers continued collecting their materials. On December 21, the practitioners were abruptly taken to the detention center and the arrest warrants were mailed to their families.

Ms. Cui Qingru was also taken to the detention center on December 21, 2007. The police officers continued collecting their materials and reported their cases to the higher authorities. Their cases were rejected again due to lack of evidence. In order to get credit from the upper level authorities, the Qian'an City Police Department fabricated evidence, to ensure that the practitioners would be convicted. Their cases have now been transfered to a Qian'an City Court and their families have been notified.

Qian'an City National Security Team:
Peng Minghui: 86-13832984718 (Cell), 86-315-7616765 (Home), 86-315-7637448 (Office)
Yang Yulin, head of the 610 Office, responsible for the brainwashing center: 86-13603153659 (Cell), 86-315-7898663 (Home), 86-315-7639612 (Office)
Ha Fulong, police officer: 86-13832987822 (Cell), 86-315-7688882, 86-315-6296596
Fu Yonglai, police officer: 86-13832987825 (Cell)

Qian'an Police Department:
Yao Chunyu, chief: 86-315-7637499 (Office), 86-315-2341899 (Home), 86-13832988855 (Cell)

Li Yanming, head of the Qian'an City Court: 86-315-7607888, 86-315-6611928, 86-13803159525 (Cell)
Zhang Shuan, deputy head of the Qian'an City Court: 86-315-7683519, 86-315-7683036, 86-13323156555 (Cell)

Brainwashing center: 86-315-7696865

Zhou Wenqing, police officer: 86-13315597268 (Cell)

April 1, 2008