(Clearwisdom.net) On April 11, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts New York company held its first show at the Canberra Theater in Canberra Australia. After the curtain closed, the audience offered long applause. Many in the audience gave a standing ovation for the show. Mr. Pinsuda Keomanivog, marketing director for the Canberra Times, said delightedly, "This show is great. I am very glad that I came to see the show tonight. Among the programs, 'Water Sleeves ' and 'The Mongolian Bowl Dance' are the ones I loved the most. 'Water Sleeves' expresses the delicacy of Chinese women, gentle and elegant. It is really great. I will surely come to see the show again next year."

Audience members attentively watch the Divine Performing Arts show

TV News Host: The show from the Divine Performing Arts is truly spectacular

Mr. Lachlan Kennedy, the news host from Southern Cross Ten TV Station said, "The show is excellent beyond my imagination. The huge 3-D backdrop, the colorful costumes, the excellent dancing skills and the beautiful dances, plus the touching stories. It is truly a spectacular show. I have never seen a Chinese culture performance before. This is a very special experience for me. Each program and its story are very beautiful. I will never forget tonight's show."

Mr. Lachlan Kennedy, news host from Southern Cross Ten TV Station

Finance Expert: Praise for the inner meanings expressed by the show of the Divine Performing Arts

Mr. Karl Wichita is in the field of finance. He brought his wife Beverly to see the show. He said, "This show is very colorful, lovely, and enjoyable. The stories are expressed very well."

Beverly continued, "The stage designs and the stories are combined cleverly."

The programs that Mr. Wichita found most touching were two which had deep inner meanings. He said, "I liked 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' and the song 'Rest in Knowing.' They have a special meaning to me. The 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' talks about the King of Heaven coming to the human world and bringing wisdom to humans and also delivering messages of peace. The song 'Rest in Knowing' is telling us that no matter how hard it is, the truth will eventually be revealed. Human beings will know the truth. The Divine Performing Arts expressed a very deep inner meaning."

Company Manager: The message of the show is vibrant and clear

On the night of the show, all seats were taken at the Canberra Theater. Mr. Ian Truesdale, a company manager, along with his wife, shared their thoughts after the show, "This show is wonderful. The message that the show is trying to deliver is very clear and vibrant."

Mr. Truesdale said, "This show is excellent. It is true. I saw the show last year, and I came to see it again this year. This show from the Divine Performing Arts is really worth watching. I think the costumes are beautiful. The music is wonderful, especially the songs."

He continued, "I liked the songs. I could feel the message delivered by the male and female vocalists about how people were struggling through hardships. The message was very clear, easy to understand, and vibrant. They expressed it very well on the stage. They did a very good job."

He said, "I noticed that many young people came to see the show tonight. This is very good. I hope young people do not miss the opportunity to attend these performances."

Mr. Truesdale said delightedly, "I will bring my granddaughter to watch the show next year. I understand what kind of message the show is trying to deliver. I also want the young people to hear it."