Educator: "Chinese New Year Splendor Makes People Think" (Photo)

( During the past 11 days, the Divine Performing Arts performed 15 shows at Radio City Music Hall, causing a flood of people to come watch the Splendor, celebrate the Chinese New Year, and experience traditional Chinese culture. It is estimated that over 40 thousand people saw the show.

New York City: Director of Beijing Opera Center: "Chinese People Should be Proud of the Show" (Photo)

( On February 8, 2008, Mrs. Pan Shuhua, the founder and director of Tongqing Culture Art Center in New York, came to the Chinese New Year Splendor with three friends.

Korean Dance Teacher: Choreography and Performance Are Top Notch (Photo)

( On the evening of February 9, Korean dance teacher Mr. Pak watched the Chinese New Year Splendor with his wife and mother. When asked about his evaluation of the show, Mr. Pak said, "Due to my background, I paid close attention to the details. I found that every dance was fantastic! I could see that the choreography was very professional and the performance was excellent. It was a fascinating show."

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