(Clearwisdom.net) A young couple, Gabriel and Gatella, brought their baby to the Chinese New Year Splendor show in New York City. For them, the show was a chance to get away from "daily life and the stress of home." Gatella was amazed by the show and said, "I thought it was wonderful, perfect, I really can't believe it." Gabriel and Gatella were in agreement that the best part of the show was the last drum performance. "We loved it. A lot of fun." The couple were in the Costco wholesale club, where they noticed people dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, selling tickets, so they bought two tickets to the show.

Florence Maineri, Dorothy Forbes, Jean Holmgren and Grace Burnbaum, all residents of the St. Anne's Senior Center, attended an afternoon Splendor show. They unanimously proclaimed, "It was wonderful. The colors, the scenery, were just beautiful. We enjoyed it, each and every one of us!"

Richard Hedrick, a retired teacher, and his wife Margaret drove sixty miles to see the show. They do not come to the city very often, but said, "We really enjoyed the show and think Radio City Music Hall is the perfect place to have it."

When asked how they liked the show, Margaret said, "I liked all the scarves, the dancing. I was happy to see the different dances from this culture. Previously, I really did not know anything about it. It was great."

Brett Patterson, a plumber and technician from Rockland County, New York said, "I have been fascinated with Chinese culture ever since I was a young boy." He explained, "I have read books and seen a lot of films about Chinese culture. I think someone who has never seen a performance like this will learn about Chinese dance and music." Mr. Patterson has a love of Chinese music, and said, "I love the instruments, they are great. The dancing was excellent and the costumes were absolutely beautiful."

Mr. Patterson brought his wife, who is from the Philippines, and he told us, "She loves it also. We are having a great time."

Coming to the Chinese New Year Splendor show for the first time was retired banker Toni Bryant and her best friend Patricia. Ms. Bryant was deeply impressed with the message of the songs and remarked, "I thought they portrayed some of the political strife very well in song and dance. I was not aware of the problems in China and that is what I came away with." She continued, "I liked the drums best because of the beat." Patricia like the dancing, "The dancers seemed like they were floating. It was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed it so much."