120 Falun Gong Practitioners Sentenced for Their Faith Reported in February 2021

In February 2021, Minghui.org confirmed that another 120 Falun Gong practitioners were sentenced for their faith, including 47 in 2020, 12 in January 2021, and 61 in February 2021. The newly confirmed cases brought the total number of practitioners confirmed sentenced in 2020 and January 2021 to 814 and 53, respectively.

Public Servant Stripped of 22 Years of Seniority and Pension after a Wrongful Conviction of Ten Years

After surviving 10 years of imprisonment and torture for her faith in Falun Gong, Ms. Liu Yan was released on July 3, 2020, only to realize that she had been fired from her job and lost her 22 years of seniority as a public servant. Instead of retiring comfortably, Ms. Liu is now in financial despair. 

Landshut, Germany: “People Need to Reject the CCP”

A recent event in Bavaria's Landshut drew much public support for Falun Dafa as well as for Dafa practitioners' ongoing efforts to bring the persecution in China to an end. People were appalled at the Chinese Communist Party's brutality in persecuting a peaceful meditation practice.

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