(Minghui.org) I’m a family member of a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I have witnessed the power of Dafa. My mother came back to life by practicing Falun Dafa when on the verge of death.

It was early summer of 1998, and our family was about to have dinner. My mother said she had not been feeling well recently.

We didn't take what our mother said seriously. My younger brother just asked her to take some medicine, as he was a medical doctor in the village.

A few days later, her health severely declined. My father took her to a big hospital in the city, and scheduled an appointment with a medical specialist.

The doctor diagnosed her with advanced liver cirrhosis and told my father to prepare for her funeral, as she would have no more than two months to live.

My father took her home with a heavy heart. When he arrived home, my father called our four siblings into another room and tearfully told us our mother's diagnosis. The whole family cried hard.

My father wanted to keep my mother from knowing this. Thus, we decided to treat my mother at home.

My father was a teacher, and my younger brother was a village official, who got along well with the villagers. As the villagers learned about my mother's condition, they all came to visit her.

Some taught my mother to practice qigong, which didn’t work out and my mother's health continued to decline. Even her abdomen continued to enlarge.

At that time, a distant relative (aunt) from the city heard of my mother’s illness and came to visit her. She patiently said to her: “Start practicing Falun Dafa, as Falun Dafa can save your life!”

My mother said: “Will that work for someone like me?” The aunt said: “Falun Dafa only looks at your heart, as it is the advanced Buddha school of teaching. Buddha will know if you truly want to cultivate.”

Our whole family encouraged our mother to try. As she couldn’t get up from the bed, I asked my wife to learn Falun Dafa first and then she taught my mother.

My wife immediately learned all five sets of the Falun Dafa exercises. I thought in my heart that my mother could be saved now.

My wife had been tirelessly teaching my mother how to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. My mother started from practicing on the bed, and then progressed to being able to get up to practice. Her condition gradually improved. Eventually, she could do the five sets of exercises all at once standing up!

During the course of practicing the exercises, my wife’s hyperthyroidism of many years was cured, and her gynecological disease disappeared. Her past hot temper no longer existed.

She also quit gambling and gave up all her other bad habits through practicing Dafa. As a migrant worker, I could see my wife’s smile when returning home.

My mother's recovery and the new family harmony brought me more confidence at work too! I am sincerely grateful to Falun Dafa for bringing blessings to our family.