(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa before July 20, 1999. I feel a bit emotional when I look back on my 20-plus years of cultivation.

Just as Master said,

“The old forces never intended for Dafa to survive the evil they forged with fire and blood. But through the strength of your conviction, through the sacred vows that brought you to this earth, through the personal bonds and ties of destiny you established over many lifetimes, through your rational understanding of Dafa, and through the righteous thoughts that Dafa has given you and the ultimate protection from the Fa and its powers, you have made it through!” (“To the Canada Fa Conference,” Team Yellow Translation)

Spreading the Great Law to Many Homes

My husband, who is also a cultivator, and I are office workers. We go to the countryside to distribute Falun Dafa informational materials on weekends, and during our winter or summer vacations in surrounding villages. We have produced Dafa materials in our materials production site since 2006. They are distributed by us and other practitioners.

Before 2011, in the evenings my husband and I delivered DVDs and pamphlets about Dafa to each home. In 2012, we began to hang up banners. We attached posters to tree trunks or utility poles using plastic wrap, in one village after another. Since over half the residents in our city reside in farm villages, we have not yet been to every village.

We carried 400-500 pamphlets with us when we went out before 2018. Then, police installed monitors in all villages; and so, we reduced the number of brochures to 200-300. It was often late when we finished delivering materials, and we didn't return home until past midnight.

Winter in northern-eastern China is extremely cold. The indoor temperature is not bad when the heat is on, but heating service is not available in late autumn and early spring when temperatures can be quite low.

It took a long time for our frozen bodies to warm up after we returned home from delivering the materials. It was so comfortable when we did get warm. My husband and I felt it was the most joyful moment of the day. It was the kind of happiness that an ordinary person cannot appreciate—happiness knowing that we have elevated our levels and purified our hearts. It was the accomplishment of saving sentient beings.

Master said,

“Ordinary people know me not,
I sit amidst Mystery;Where there is profit and desire,
      there I am not,
After others pass away,
      only I remain.”(“The Awakened,” Hong Yin)

I had a vivid dream one night in 2006, where my husband and I were in a big orchard. He was using some equipment to pick fruits that were big, and not from this world. He passed them down to me one by one.

Not long after he started practicing Dafa my husband had a dream in which he distributed Dafa brochures everywhere he went. Indeed, that was what we did. Perhaps that is our path of cultivation.

Delivering Dafa Materials During the Pandemic

Festivals and New Years Day are the busiest times for us, as we prepare more materials than usual. Every Chinese New Year we write a letter to urge people to do good and tailor it to the local situation. In 2002, we wrote a letter to urge people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations, which we printed, put into envelopes, and added “Wishing you a happy New Year.” We distributed them to one home after another in many communities.

We felt a tense atmosphere when delivering pamphlets after the Chinese New Year in 2020 because we saw police cars rushing back and forth. They blocked the entrances to communities and villages the next day. It turned out that the coronavirus had hit the area. We were only allowed to leave our home once a day.

We became anxious. When we calmed down, we found that the guards were on duty at 7:00 a.m. and left after 6:00 p.m. We thus resumed delivering brochures in the evenings. We found that people especially cherished the brochures that we delivered after the pandemic started.

We felt it wasn't right to only go out in the evenings. We asked Master for guidance. As a result, all practitioners who delivered Dafa materials obtained a pass that allowed us to enter any community, and go in and out even during the day.

We tried not to miss a single home when delivering Dafa brochures. My clothes were soaked in sweat when I finished distributing, but my mind was joyful. I normally felt tired when climbing stairs, but I was very agile when delivering brochures. I delivered more brochures than my husband every time we went out. I told him I could do that because I had Master helping me.

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