(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in Quebec Province, Canada, held a parade in Montreal on February 27, 2021, calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of practitioners in China. Spectators watched the parade in the snow, and were touched by the practitioners’ positive message.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Montreal held a parade on February 27, 2021.

The parade started at Cabot Square, passed Sainte-Catherine Street, the most busy street in Montreal, and ended in Chinatown. Practitioners carried banners and display boards which called for an end to the CCP’s persecution. Spectators clapped, waved, and gave practitioners a thumbs-up. Many expressed their support and some said they appreciated practitioners for spreading positive energy.

Michael, an attorney in Quebec, thanks Falun Dafa practitioners.

Michael, a local attorney, was happy to see practitioners as the parade procession approached Chinatown. He pressed his hands together in front of his chest, and said to practitioners who were collecting signatures for a petition, “Thank you! Thank you! This is so important!” Michael said he respects Chinese people and their culture. Seeing how the CCP harmed the world, he realized that it was time to end the CCP, and welcome a bright future. He signed the petition, and said the CCP was doomed.

Eric, a local resident, praised the practitioners’ parade.

Eric watched the parade for a long time and said that the practitioners were spreading positive energy, and awakening people to the truth. “This is awesome!” he exclaimed, “The Communist Party is causing people to lose trust in each other. It’s not the direction we want.”

Raphael Domaszewski gave practitioners his warmest applause. He said that he clapped for practitioners’ courage. “We all live in the same world, and should do what you are doing. I support you 100 percent! I would like to join your parade!”

Raphael said that he came from Poland, and knew the crimes of the Communist Party, including what the CCP did to Falun Dafa, people of faith, and people in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. He thought it was a shame that Western countries didn’t stand up to the CCP and stop its wicked behavior. “I know that the CCP is persecuting the people in China. It’s also infiltrating here, and trying to destroy democratic societies.”

A young Korean man (left) signs the petition.

A young Korean man signed the petition calling for the Canadian government to sanction the CCP with the Magnitsky Act. He said, “I support your activity from the bottom of my heart. The way the CCP treats the Chinese people, Uyghurs, and the people in Hong Kong is absolutely wrong. I wish to be part of your parade today.”

Sal Cor, a young Vietnamese man, took many photos of the parade. He said, “I appreciate practitioners’ courage to parade on the street, and spread this information! The CCP has committed terrible crimes. It’s sad that the international society doesn’t stop them. Condemning them isn’t enough. The Communist Party ignores it. Western countries should take action. If the CCP doesn’t stop, it should be sanctioned. We must hold it accountable.”

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